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How Difficult Is Remediating Category 1 Water Damage?

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Drying equipment in a hotel room Commercial water damage in Santa Ana, CA

If your business in Santa Ana, CA, has experienced flooding or water damage, you may be wondering how extensive it is and how long it will take to clean up. Sometimes the answer depends on the flooding source. Clean water damage is different than that of contaminated water. Damage generally fits into three categories.

What Is Category 1 Water Damage?

Damage from this category is not contaminated by bacteria or microorganisms. Examples of category 1 water include sources such as:

  • Supply line
  • Broken water heater
  • Leaking appliance
  • Sink overflow

Category 1 water is the easiest to clean, as it is less invasive than other categories. It is usually less time consuming to remediate.

What Are the Other Categories of Water Damage?
Category 2 water, or gray water, contains microorganisms. Sources include broken sump pumps, toilets or seepage. Black water, or category 3 water, contains bacteria and comes from sources like sewage or standing water that has become contaminated.

What Are the Steps to Cleaning Category 1 Water?
If carpet is wet, remediation technicians will remove the clean water through either a portable extractor or a truck-mounted extractor, depending on the size of the affected area. If the pad is soaked, the carpet may need to be lifted and the pad removed for drying or replacement. Foam carpet pads act essentially as sponges when wet and will hold lots of water.
If damage resulted from a broken pipe in the ceiling or if lower floors are affected, technicians may use hygrometers or other moisture-detecting equipment to check the extent of saturation. Infrared cameras can find unseen water behind ceilings or walls.
Finally, air movers and dehumidifiers will be brought into the area to increase evaporation and dry surfaces more quickly.
If your business in Santa Ana, CA, has experienced flooding from clean water, consider calling professional remediation specialists to mitigate the damage. They are trained to find hidden water sources and quickly begin the drying process so you can get back to business.

How To Carry Out Effective Preventive Maintenance for Your Plumbing

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

Preventive maintenance text concept write on notebook with pen Preventive maintenance is the process of continuously checking systems in order to avert issues

Here Are Two Ways To Perform Preventive Maintenance Effectively

Ensuring an effective plumbing system is a priority for any responsible building owner in Santa Ana, CA. This is why carrying out preventive maintenance is essential. Preventive maintenance is the process of continuously checking systems in order to avert issues. Completing this successfully can help to avoid significant plumbing problems. .

Have a Thorough Professional Inspection
You may be tempted to carry out an initial inspection yourself, but you will save far more money by ensuring a disaster is prevented. The last thing a building owner wants is a broken pipe or a leaking water heater. Find a plumber with positive service testimonials to complete a rigorous walk-through. Just to be safe, these are a few important things that should be inspected:

  • Water pressure
  • Water heater
  • Corrosion
  • Valves
  • Drain flow
  • Leaks

Once you're sure that a proper inspection has been completed, ask for a detailed report of your building's condition.

Create a Plan For Maintenance
The next step is to make a plan to keep your plumbing system in tact. The plumber's inspection can't be your only preventive measure for damages. First, identify what needs special attention. For instance, if a water main needed repairs, be sure that its condition is checked frequently. Next, make a schedule for basic examinations. Everything looked at in the initial inspection should be surveyed on a regular basis. Numerous issues can crop up over time. This is particularly important if your building relies on water. A spa, for example, would greatly suffer if it experienced unexpected plumbing problems.
Plumbing maintenance may seem tedious, but it's vital for your building's welfare. Water damage can be a serious problem if it isn't properly mitigated. Pay attention to what the plumber checks so you can properly maintain everything. If you do have plumbing problems, these actions will encourage help from your insurance provider when hiring a water damage restoration company. When you inspect your building, make plumbing a priority for everyone involved.

Understanding How Water Damage Is a Result of Fire Damage

4/12/2020 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out a fire in a big building The primary contributor to water damage is the fire hoses used during rescue operations

Three Causes Of The Resulting Flood After A Fire

Many business owners think the worst thing about surviving a fire is the fire damage to their building, but many owners underestimate the extent of water cleanup and salvaging that also occurs. Restoration companies in Santa Ana, CA, will tell you that water damage is a real threat and a natural part of the fire cleanup process. There are at least three causes of the resulting flood after a fire.

  1. Fire hoses
  2. Water lines
  3. Suppression systems

Fire Hoses

The primary contributor to water damage is the fire hoses used during rescue operations. While these tools are essential to extinguishing the flames in your property, they also push out hundreds of gallons per minute, and not all of that water will evaporate with the heat of the blaze. Most of the liquid will settle on the floors of the affected spaces, likely contributing to further damage to electronics and woodwork.

Water Lines

What material are your facility’s pipes made from? PVC may not stand a chance in a hot, prolonged fire, but copper water lines may survive. In either case, the heat from the fire is likely to cause pressure to build in the water lines. If releasing the pressure is not possible, your lines may burst, leading to an extensive water cleanup.

Suppression Systems

The fire suppression system you use can also contribute to water damage in the facility. If you have a water-based system, it automatically turns on when sensing heat. Some systems force all sprinkler heads on and others only turn on those heads in the affected areas. To control the amount of damage your building sustains, invest in a selective system.
Water cleanup is an inevitable part of fire restoration, like smoke cleanup. However, the amount of cleanup depends on the size of the fire, damage to existing water lines and the suppression system installed. If you would like to discuss fire prevention systems, contact your local fire department or disaster mitigation specialist.

We Get You Back In Business In Santa Ana After A Fire

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

A kitchen covered in soot and smoke damage after a fire disaster Our trained experts arrive right away and begin fire damage restoration in your home. We are available 24/7 to offer our experience and expertise.

Combating Challenges that a Commercial Fire Damage Incident in Santa Ana Presents to A Convention Center

Fire can be devastating primarily when a major incident affects a property. Even after minor incidents, the damage sustained can have long-term implications for the structure or for the occupants who enter the building. If improperly handled, commercial fire damage in a convention can lead to several issues that end up affecting normal business operations later.

A commercial fire damage incident in Santa Ana is likely to involve heavy smoke residues because of the materials burnt. Synthetic materials such as foam and plastic in items such as mattresses, chairs, and other accessories in the convention center produce thick smoke when burnt. Although such residues adhere mostly to surfaces, they can also reach into hidden areas where they can continue causing problems long after the fire incident is resolved. Our SERVPRO technicians take time to clean easily accessible surfaces as well as the hidden areas to prevent any long-term problems.

When people spend time at a convention center, they expect pristine conditions and a relaxing environment to conduct their business. If traces of soot and other smoke residues remain hidden within the structure, it is challenging to guarantee such conditions. The residues can dislodge from the hidden areas and then circulate the premises through air movements. Smoke residue particles in the air can cause respiratory issues or irritation to the eyes and skin. Our SERVPRO technicians use cleaning methods that address all hidden residues. Apart from dry sponge cleaning, we also vacuum or use compressed air cleaners on fire damaged areas to help remove residues from hidden crevices.

Smoke can easily find a way into the HVAC system, especially if it is on during the fire. Residue deposits in the ventilation system can lead to unending problems to the indoor air quality. Our crews can help inspect and clean up the HVAC system if disassembly is not necessary. In case there are sections of the duct system that we cannot clean, we apply other solutions such as duct sealing to prevent problems.

Minor issues that develop after a fire can ruin the reputation of your business. Call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South at (714) 558-7772 to help with cleanup, making it, "Like it never even happened."

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El Fuego De Tu Vecino Se Ha Convertido En Tu Problema

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

Quemados interiores y muebles en un edificio industrial No dejes que tu edificio se vea afectado por daños de fuego secundarios. Llama a SERVPRO!

SERVPRO Ofrece Servicios Rápidos Después de que El Fuego y Los Olores Hayan Afectado Su Negocio en Santa Ana

Servir a la comunidad de Santa Ana es parte de la misión de su negocio. Ya sea que tenga una clínica dental, un centro de rehabilitación física o una guardería, su enfoque está en sus clientes y en mantener el negocio funcionando en condiciones óptimas. Por lo tanto, cuando una empresa vecina se incendia, debe preocuparse por el impacto que pueda tener en sus instalaciones y tomar medidas para restaurar cualquier daño que llegue a usted. Incluso cuando el fuego no está directamente en su tienda, puede haber suficiente humo y cenizas viajando a través de sistemas de ventilación compartidos para dejar un residuo en su local.

Cuando necesite servicios professionales para borrar la evidencia de daños por incendio en su negocio en Santa Ana, SERVPRO es su aliado. Nuestros técnicos están calificados para restaurar su negocio después de daños por incendio aplicando las mejores prácticas de la industria y tecnología avanzada para deshacerse de su rastros. Ya sea que su problema más importante sea el hollín aferrado a sus muebles o el olor invisible que impregna su espacio, nuestro equipo tiene soluciones y equipos para hacer que las llamas sean cosa del pasado.

Limpiar sus muebles y accesorios para eliminar el hollín no es una tarea sencilla. Algunos dueños de negocios aplican soluciones de limpieza sin darse cuenta de que su naturaleza abrasiva daña aún más la superficie, creando un problema aún mayor. En SERVPRO, sabemos tener en cuenta la naturaleza y la composición de cada artículo y limpiarlo en consecuencia. Al apuntar a cada solución de limpieza, evitamos más daños y protegemos sus pertenencias.

Atacar el olor a fuego también requiere un enfoque preciso. Algunos espacios pueden requerir técnicas de neutralización para eliminar el olor, pero los casos más extremos pueden necesitar equipos como un generador de ozono. Nuestro equipo SERVPRO tiene a su disposición una amplia gama de opciones para manejar la partículas de olor que ofenden su sentido del olfato. 

El daño por incendio se puede sentir en su negocio incluso si el fuego no ocurrió dentro de sus paredes. SERVPRO of Santa Ana South está a una llamada telefónica para ayudarlo a recuperarse lo antes posible. Llámenos al (714) 558-7772 y permítanos dejar su negocio "Como que nada hubiera pasado."

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SERVPRO Offers Fast Restoration after Fire and Odors Have Affected Your Business in Santa Ana

2/3/2020 (Permalink)

fifty dollar bill burning with flames Don't Let Your Santa Ana Profits Go Up in Flames! Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage Cleanup and Odor Control

Your Neighbor's Santa Ana Fire Has Become Your Problem

Serving the Santa Ana community is part of the reason for being in business. Whether you own a dental practice, a physical rehabilitation facility, or a daycare center, your focus is on your clients and keeping the business running in optimal conditions. So when a neighboring business catches on fire, you need to worry about the impact it may have on your premises and take steps to restore any damage that makes its way to you. Even when the fire is not directly in your shop, there may be enough smoke and ashes traveling through shared ventilation systems to leave a residue for you to address.

When you need professional services to erase all signs of fire damage to your business in Santa Ana, SERVPRO is the best place to call. Our technicians are qualified to restore your premises after fire damage by applying industry best practices and advanced technology to get rid of its traces. Whether your most significant issue is the soot clinging to your furniture, or the invisible smell permeating your space, our crew has solutions and equipment to make the fire a thing of the past.

Cleaning your furniture and fixtures to remove soot is not a simple task. Some business owners apply cleaning solutions without realizing that their abrasive nature damages the surface even further, creating an even bigger problem. At SERVPRO, we know to take into account the nature and composition of each item and clean it accordingly. By targeting each cleaning solution, we avoid more damage and protect your belongings.  

Tackling the smell of fire also requires a mindful approach. Some spaces may require odor neutralizing techniques to get rid of the smell, but more extreme cases may need equipment like an ozone generator to help get rid of the odor. Our SERVPRO team has at its disposal a wide array of odor management options to make sure your business does not suffer because of the neighboring fire.

Fire damage could be felt in your business even if the fire did not happen within your walls. SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is a phone call away to help you recover as soon as possible. Call us at (714) 558-7772 and allow us to leave your shop "Like it never even happened."

Why Contacting SERVPRO is Always a Great Idea for Commercial Water Damage in Santa Ana

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

fire in a warehouse Fire damage and water damage often go hand in hand. Typically you can't have one without the other. Contact SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

Elaborate Steps Help During Commercial Water Removal from a Santa Ana Warehouse

A smoldering fire in a Santa Ana warehouse triggered the fire suppression sprinklers spreading water all over the premises. Although it helped stop the fire immediately, the action was overkill since the system released too much water. When our SERVPRO team arrived at the site, we realized it would take several steps to remove the water, restoring normalcy.

Pumping out the water

Water removal from the Santa Ana warehouse was more complicated than expected because the large flat surface concealed the actual amount of water spilled since the standing water did not form deep pools. Our SERVPRO crew had prepared for such an eventuality by bringing several water extraction units to the loss site. The truck-mounted extractors provided sufficient lift capacity to handle the wet-vacuuming process needed to extract all the surface water from the premises.

Disposing of the water

Although the water that spilled was from a clean supply line, it was exposed to different materials and chemicals within the warehouse. Disposing of such water in the open or through flood drains would have posed some contamination risks. Our SERVPRO technicians are trained on the best ways to dispose of water, including evacuating it to a wastewater treatment facility. At the warehouse, we found a treated sewer line, which served the purpose effectively.

Drying moisture

Removing moisture from materials and the air in a vast space like a warehouse takes the right skills and enough drying resources. We brought a trailered desiccant dehumidifier to handle the drying process. We also set up a DX, Direct Expansion Unit, to pre-cool the air entering the desiccant dehumidifier, improving the efficiency of the drying process further. We also had to monitor the process to ensure we attained optimum moisture levels. Desiccant dehumidifiers can lower humidity levels below standard, leading to damages in materials such as wood, which can crack when too dry.

Water removal takes elaborate steps to achieve the intended goal. Call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South at (714) 558-7772 to help with removal at your property. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Podemos Ayudarlo a Restaurar su Negocio en Santa Ana Despues de Daños por Agua

11/13/2019 (Permalink)

Piso de baldosas rojas resbaladizas Cuando las cosas se pongan resbaladizas, estaremos allí para ayudar.

Mi Negocio Esta Bajo Agua – Incluyendo mis Documentos

Los dueños de negocios tienen mucho en que pensar. Tienen que formular un plan de negocios viable para promover la comercialización de su producto o servicio, entender el marco legal en el que trabajan y dedicar recursos para darse a conocer en la comunidad. Cuando además se agregan las funciones de mantener una oficina y su personal, los empresarios tienen mucho que hacer. Entonces que hacen cuando reciben una llamada diciéndoles que los rociadores se han disparado y empaparon toda la oficina? A quien deben llamar para contratar los servicios de remoción de agua?

Afortunadamente, si su negocio en Santa Ana es el que necesita servicios de remoción de agua, SERVPRO está aquí para ayudar.  Muy por encima de las sillas y muebles mojados, su preocupación principal es preservar los documentos que son esenciales para el funcionamiento de su negocio.  Información sobre sus clientes y financiera pueden verse en peligro, pero usted puede confiar en que nuestro equipo será metódico durante la restauración.

Cuando su emergencia incluye el agua, nuestro equipo puede sugerir un proceso de congelado al vacío para recuperar sus documentos importantes.  Aunque suene un poco complicado, nuestros técnicos en SERVPRO han sido entrenados para llevar a cabo cada uno de los pasos en este proceso. El congelado al vacío consiste en congelar sus documentos para evitar que se deterioren aun más, seguido por un cambio de temperatura abrupto que hacelera la evaporación del agua sin afectar sus papeles.  Todo este proceso ocurre en una cámara especial con elementos de calor especializados. Para culminar, aplicamos radiación para secar y desinfectar en caso de ser necesario.

Sus documentos no son lo único en su lista de restauración. Si usted también necesita que nuestro equipo de SERVPRO restaure alfombras y otros objetos personales, tan solo tiene que preguntar.  Cuando nosotros llegamos a su negocio, evaluamos el daño y hacemos recomendaciones. Juntos, desarrollamos un plan de acción enfocado en minimizar el tiempo y el dinero que su negocio pierde.  Estamos muy conscientes de su necesidad de operar normalmente lo más pronto posible.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South es su mejor recurso cuando de servicios de remoción de agua se trata.  Cuando nos llama al (714) 558-7772 nosotros nos hacemos cargo de la restauración para que usted pueda ocuparse de su negocio durante la crisis.  Juntos haremos este evento algo del pasado y dejaremos su negocio como que nada hubiera pasado.

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We Get You Back In Business In Santa Ana After Water Damage Strikes

11/3/2019 (Permalink)

A wall was cut and air movers, fans and dehumidifiers are drying up the moisture Our technicians cut the walls and set up air movers, fans and dehumidifiers where needed to remove water damage from your property.

My Business is Underwater and So Are my Documents

Business owners have a lot on their minds. They need to come up with a sound business plan to promote the commercialization of their product or service, understand the legal framework of their endeavor, and spend resources networking throughout the community. When you add to this, the tasks inherent to keeping up an office, staff, etc. entrepreneurs have their hands full. So what should they do when they get a phone call for the landlord informing them that the sprinkler system went off and soaked the whole office? Who should they call for water removal services?

Thankfully, if it is your business in Santa Ana that needs water removal services, SERVPRO is here to help. Above and beyond wet carpets and office chairs, your primary concern is preserving any documents essential to the functioning of your business. Sensitive client information or financial instruments may suddenly be in danger, but you can trust our team to be methodical in the restoration process.

When your emergency involves water, our team may choose to vacuum-freeze your documents to recover them. Even though the process sounds intimidating, our SERVPRO technicians train specifically in this method, which consists of freezing your documents to prevent deterioration, followed by a quick change in temperature that evaporates the water without damaging your papers. This whole process happens within a vacuum chamber with specific heating elements. A final radiation dose to dry and disinfect may complete the job if needed.

Documents are not the only items on our restoration list. If you also need for our SERVPRO crew to restore carpets and other personal property, all you need to do is ask. When we arrive at your business, we make a complete assessment of the water damage and make recommendations. Together, we develop an action plan focusing on minimizing your loss in terms of time and money. We understand that being able to operate as usual is essential to your success.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is your resource for water removal services. When you call us at (714) 558-7772, we take over so you can devote yourself to managing your business in this time of crisis. Hand in hand, we will make this disaster a thing of the past and leave your business, “Like it never even happened.”

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Find Out Now What You Should Do For Fast Water Damage Remediation For Your Santa Ana Business

8/4/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage take over your Santa Ana business. Call the remediation specialists at SERVPRO today.

Bar Owners in Santa Ana should get in Touch with Out of Hours Restorers for Commercial Water Removal

Our commercial restoration services incorporate out of hours technicians that can be extremely useful for bar managers here in Santa Ana South. Water spills can be the result of an overworked plumbing system finally giving in, or a human error that is only discovered late into the night. When the presence of water in your commercial property may cause further damage if left overnight, contact us right away to arrange for an on-call water restoration technician.  

When your business needs out of hours of commercial water removal here in Santa Ana, the first thing you should do is contact us on our emergency line. We operate twenty-four hours a day for our commercial clients and can dispatch a technician to your property with the equipment to quickly rectify the situation. Depending on the scale of the task at hand, we may need to mobilize sizable truck-mounted water extractors or a team of SERVPRO technicians, so the sooner you call us, the sooner we can get to work clearing and drying your property. 

In some situations, water in your property may become contaminated. These issues are particularly prevalent in washroom related emergencies. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly disinfect the area and get rid of contaminated materials that could become a health concern. Using a combination of pumping systems and water extractors SERVPRO can safely transfer large amounts of water from your property into a nearby sewer point or storage tank. 

Water-related incidents can often carry with them malodors, which may affect your business reputation. The fastest method of eliminating odor is by cleaning and drying the area. When this is not successful, we can use water-based ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers to fumigate the affected area or the entire structure, ready for customers to arrive the next day.   

Bars are vulnerable to out of hours water emergencies, contact SERVPRO of Santa Ana South at (714) 558-7772 for specialist commercial restorers. 

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Cuts, Curls, and Water Damage in Your Santa Ana Salon

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage? Call SERVPRO. We are here to help you keep your salon in the business of fixing hair.

A Broken Water Supply Line Can Cause Water Damage in Your Santa Ana Salon

Any device that provides water to you has a water supply line and, should that supply line break, and those devices can cause water damage. In your salon, a water supply line attached to a hair washing station ended up breaking and spilling gallons upon gallons into the shop. By the time the water was shut off, it was clear that the doors to your store needed closing until the mess could be cleaned up. 

When it comes to the water damage inside of your Santa Ana salon, it is wise to seek help straight away. Leaving standing water can give it time to sink into the structure of your shop and cause further damage. Additionally, if it sits too long, water damage can cause microbial growth to begin. When it comes to finding water damages of any kind, you should always immediately call for help. 

Here at SERVPRO, we keep our doors open 24/7. We firmly believe that being available to you whenever you need us is essential for our line of work. No matter when you find the problem inside of your store, a team of our highly trained technicians is ready to travel to your location as swiftly as possible. 

SERVPRO uses advanced industry-grade technology to remediate water losses. Once we get to your shop and do a quick investigation, we can get to work removing the standing water immediately. Our SERVPRO techs can use extractor wands and wet/dry vacuums to clean up the water. From there, we can investigate further to establish what kind of drying equipment your shop may need, using tools such as moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras. 

SERVPRO can use a combination of heaters, axial fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to encourage the remaining excess moisture in your shop to evaporate. Once finished, we can leave your store confident that you feel "Like it never even happened." 

Should a sudden water loss strike your business, strike back quickly. Immediately call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South by phoning (714) 558-7772. Whenever you need us, we're ready to assist you.

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Is Water Damage Being Store At Your Santa Ana Warehouse?

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage ruin your inventory. Call SERVPRO today!

Tips for Handling Commercial Water Damage in Your Santa Ana Warehouse

Water damage caused by burst pipes is bad enough in any commercial property, but in a warehouse, the stakes are higher. The water can ruin stored merchandise, materials, and tools. The action of the water can also ruin the wood used to build internal walls, storage areas, and shelves.  

When there’s commercial water damage in your Santa Ana warehouse, you need to take fast action to remove the water and dry the affected areas. Water can make existing damage in your warehouse like cracks worse. Small cracks in the floors, ceilings, walls can allow moisture to enter. As the temperature changes, the moisture can ruin your entire facility as it contracts and expands.  

High humidity can lead to mold growth, which can cause health effects. To deal with water loss in your warehouse, you need to stop the leak first and then pump out the water and drain the affected areas. The professionals at SERVPRO can assist you in handling the water loss and restoring your warehouse to its preloss condition. Our technicians can assess the damage and then take steps to extract the standing water.  

We can use powerful high pressure pumps to remove the water quickly. We have portable pumps and shop-vacs that enable our technicians to reach all the affected areas. If there’s a lot of standing water, we can use truck mounted pumps to extract it, since they are more potent than portable pumps.  

After pumping out the water, our SERVPRO technicians begin the drying process. We can place commercial grade air movers at various locations to draw out water from building materials. These machines provide high-speed circulation of air masses, activating the process of moisture separation from all affected surfaces. When air moves across these surfaces, it increases evaporation. We then use dehumidifiers to pull out the moisture from the air, which helps reduce the likelihood of negative consequences. We monitor each stage of the drying process carefully and perform measurements to control the humidity levels in the warehouse.  

When dealing with water damage in a warehouse, SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is the right company to call. Contact us today at (714) 558-7772. Our remediation experts have the capabilities and training to restore your warehouse safely and effectively. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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At Last, the Secret to Successful Commercial Fire Damage Remediation in Santa Ana is Revealed

4/14/2019 (Permalink)

When fire damage occurs in your electronics repair shop, the situation needs fast mitigation services. Contact our IICRC certified technicians.

Steps that Lead to Better Response After Commercial Fire Damage in Santa Ana

If you sell or repair electronics, a fire at your businesses premises can lead to substantial losses and major inconveniences. The initial steps taken immediately after putting out the fire can limit the inconveniences and help your business recover faster. Our fire damage restoration services help businesses mount a proper response.

Evaluating the level of loss immediately after commercial fire damage in Santa Ana helps point the restoration process in the right direction. During inspection our SERVPRO technicians determine the level of damage on building materials and fixtures such as cabinets and counters among others. If the damage is restricted to specific areas, we help you take measures such as boarding up or creating exclusion zones allowing you to serve customers as we restore the damages.

In many fire incidents, significant amounts of water are pumped into the building to suppress the flames. If any standing water or excess moisture remains in the structure, it can cause many problems including high levels of relative humidity, bad odor or even mold. We have IICRC certified WRT, Water Restoration Technicians, who extract water fast and take other measures to eliminate excess moisture “Like it never even happened.”

Most fire incidents ruin electrical outlets and power cables. Such damage can affect the restoration process because some of the steps involved require power, heat or light. Even when there is no visible damage in the electrical systems, switching them on before they are checked can lead to short-circuits. We have portable generators in our production trucks allowing us to operate all equipment immediately after arrival at the loss site. Our technicians also have electric circuit testers for preliminary checks of electric circuits in case you need to turn power on.

In case of fire damage incidents, SERVPRO of Santa Ana South can help you respond the right way. You can reach us at (714) 558-7772 any day. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Have Water Damage in Your Santa Ana Restaurant? SERVPRO Has A Solution!

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

You can trust our SERVPRO team to get your restaurant back up and running as quickly as possible.

Commercial Water Damage to Your Santa Ana Bistro

Imagine working hard to open your own eatery in Santa Ana where you treat your guests to a great culinary experience. Now imagine finding yourself surrounded by water after a small kitchen fire set off the sprinkler system. In just a few minutes, your floors are soaked as well as your decor and food product. Every minute your restaurant is closed for business quite literally costs you money, so getting it back up and running is your top priority. 

SERVPRO is your best resource for commercial water damage in Santa Ana. Our team is well trained and experienced in addressing the needs of commercial establishments when restoration is the goal. You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so repairs begin as soon as possible. Together, we share your goal of minimizing the number of days until your restaurant welcomes its patrons once again.

When dealing with commercial buildings, our SERVPRO team is mindful of health code requirements and works accordingly. Understanding any restrictions related to your building or zoning is also essential, and we take those into account during the water extraction process. Having available both portable and truck mounted pumps and extractors help expedite the removal of water so we can move on to the drying process and deciding on which elements need to be permanently removed if any.

As we bring air movers and dehumidifiers into your restaurant, we also keep in mind your food inventory and protect it as much as possible. We recognize the value of the contents of your business and attempt to mitigate losses whenever possible. The expertise of our SERVPRO team along with your knowledge and any emergency plans you have in place for your restaurant, guide an efficient and safe restoration process. Knowing where utility lines, power sources, and safeguards are located is essential in avoiding further damage.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is here to help restore your restaurant should it ever face water damage. Placing a call to (714) 558-7772 is the first step in mitigating your losses and preparing your eatery for its next customer. Allow us to join you in making it seem “Like it never even happened.”

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¿Tiene Daños De Agua En Su Restaurante De Santa Ana? ¡SERVPRO Tiene Una Solución!

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Puede confiar en nuestro equipo de SERVPRO para que su restaurante vuelva a funcionar lo más rápido posible.

Daños Causados por Agua a su Restaurante en Santa Ana

Imagínese trabajar duro para abrir su propio bistró en Santa Ana, donde invita a sus comensales a disfrutar de una excelente experiencia gastronómica. Ahora imagínese sumergido en agua luego que un pequeño fuego en la cocina activara los rociadores contra incendio. En tan solo unos minutos sus pisos están mojados, al igual que su decoración, inventario y productos de comida. Cada minuto en el que su restaurante está cerrado es literalmente una pérdida de dinero para usted, asi que devolverlo a sus operaciones habituales es su primera prioridad.

SERVPRO es su mejor recurso cuando su restaurante en Santa Ana sufre daños causados por el agua. Nuestro equipo está entrenado y cuenta con la experiencia necesaria para restaurar los locales comerciales que así lo requieran. Usted puede contactarnos 24 horas al día, 7 días de la semana para comenzar las reparaciones lo más pronto posible. Juntos compartimos la meta de minimizar el número de días hasta que pueda dar de nuevo la bienvenida a sus clientes.

Cuando trabajamos con edificios comerciales, nuestro equipo de SERVPRO es consciente de los requerimientos del departamento de salud y los toma en cuenta en el plan de acción. Entender las restricciones relacionadas con el edificio o la zonificación de su negocio es muy importante, y por eso las tomamos en cuenta en el proceso de extracción de agua. El tener bombas de extracción tanto portátiles como fijas nos ayuda a acelerar el proceso para pasar rápidamente al secado y eliminar aquello que deba ser desechado.

A la vez que traemos deshumidificadores y ventiladores a su restaurante, tomamos en cuenta el inventario de comida que usted tiene en su alacena y lo protegemos lo más posible. Para nosotros es muy importante que las pérdidas que usted sufra sean mínimas. La experticia de nuestro equipo de SERVPRO junto con su conocimiento de negocio y planes de emergencia establecidos, nos guiarán eficientemente en el proceso de restauración. Saber dónde se encuentran las líneas de drenaje, fuentes de energía e interruptores de seguridad es esencial en evitar más daños a su propiedad.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South está aquí para restaurar su lugar de comida en caso de daños causados por el agua. Una llamada al (714) 558-7772 es el primer paso en mitigar sus pérdidas y preparar su restaurante para su siguiente cliente. Permítanos dejar su propiedad como que nada hubiera pasado.

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Our Specialists Can Restore Your Fire Damaged Shop In Santa Ana To Pre-Damage Condition

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Reach out to us right away after the fire is out by dialing (714) 558-7772 so we can help you to avoid additional damage.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration For Your Santa Ana Repair Shop

There are many precautions against fire that you need to take in your Santa Ana automobile repair shop. There are plenty of chemicals and equipment that could spark a fire if used or stored improperly, and if you have any attached buildings, there are other precautions you can take to protect them in case a fire breaks out.

Fire damage in your Santa Ana business must be taken care of right away. Even if the fire was small, you must deal with not only the damage to your shop and machinery but possibly customers’ vehicles as well. SERVPRO, as a professional restoration company, can help you any time you need in a situation like this. Our experts can also help you talk with your insurance company to ensure that you get all the coverages you need.

The first precaution you need to take in your shop is storing hazardous and flammable liquids in the proper containers that are approved by either the State Fire Marshall or the US Department of Transportation. All lids should be sealed and tight-fitting, and all containers, flammable cabinets, and tanks should be labeled with what materials they contain and the hazard they present. Ensure that there is no excessive spoilage or leaks in waste or chemical storage areas as well.

Part of our fire damage restoration services includes cleaning your structure, which focuses on getting rid of any smoke residues and deodorizing odors given off by these residues. We consult with your insurance adjuster to determine which structural components can be cleaned and which ones cannot. Replacement or repair is needed for any materials that do not respond well to cleaning.

If your building has attached structures, you should have two-hour firewalls between the garage area and the rest of the structure. Fire doors need to be equipped with automatic closures and all openings in ceilings and walls sealed. A 40BC extinguisher needs to be available, as well as 10BC extinguishers every fifty feet. Your employees all need to be trained on how to use the fire extinguishers and signs posted over each one. Emergency exits and aisles should be clear, with exit signs posted over the doors.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is always available to help you restore fire damage in your business in Santa Ana or the surrounding areas. Reach out to us right away after the fire is out by dialing (714) 558-7772 so we can help you to avoid additional damage.

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Why Drying Out Your Water Damaged Santa Ana Hotel Always Helps Mold Prevention Efforts

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Having dry, great smelling rooms is key to having satisfied travelers recommend your hotel. Contact SERVPRO for remediation.

Fast Professional Water Removal Services For Your Santa Ana Hotel

You want to offer all the amenities possible for the guests enjoying your Santa Ana hotel. The pools, hot tubs, and laundry services are very much appreciated until negligence or a plumbing fail sends water flowing where it is not expected or wanted. You need a speedy and competent response from our technicians and equipment to turn a hotel water catastrophe around.

Miles of pipes make a luxurious hotel experience possible within your guest accommodations. Water removal in Santa Ana becomes necessary when a jacuzzi overflows or a pipe breaks in the hotel laundry area. If you hire a water removal firm with IICRC trained technicians and the latest in extraction equipment your guest might not even notice the catastrophe occurred.

SERVPRO arrives at every commercial water removal project with multiple submersible pumps and truck-mounted water extractors onboard our service vehicles. Stocking the necessary equipment means no delay between the assessment by our crew chief and the commencement of water removal services. Another benefit of our fully-outfitted green trucks is the availability of power generation independent of your hotel’s grid in the event the water loss requires a temporary cessation in electrical service for safety purposes.  

Our team of experts addresses a wide range of water removal challenges with a comprehensive set of remediation strategies. If wall to wall carpeting suffers damage, the SERVPRO crew uses restoration industry best practices to remove the moisture in place. We often chose to remove and replace wet padding in these cases as an inexpensive and practical approach. Weighted water extractors move across the carpeting in a deliberate and systematic pattern to pull as much water out of the fibers as possible.

We measure moisture levels with sophisticated instruments, setting a baseline for drying goals. Thermal imaging locates any hidden water in recesses or cavities. It is vital that all water exits as the damage it causes is progressive and secondary issues such as microbial growth becomes more likely with every passing day that moisture remains. Once we find, release, and remove all standing water, our skilled crew members position air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to accelerate the evaporation of lingering moisture.  

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South has skilled technicians and is well-stocked with state of the art water removal equipment. When a water removal disaster strikes, make sure to call us at (714) 558-7772 to schedule an assessment and begin the extraction process.

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Santa Ana Commercial Water Removal Success Dependent on Professional Pack Out Services

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Santa Ana Businesses Benefit from SERVPRO Pack-Out to Preserve Inventory during Water Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO Protects Inventories during Water Loss Mitigation Services

The outcome when a professional restoration company takes on a commercial water loss scenario in Santa Ana depends on dozens of decisions. The pressure is on when water intrudes into a thriving business. Customers need to feel confident that your enterprise can continue to support their needs even during restoration. At the same time, your future depends on recovery services done completely. We can help achieve the balance.

When the need for water removal rushes into your Santa Ana commercial building, you need a partner to survive the chaos and feeling of displacement. Water extraction and the structural drying that follows can be an intense set of procedures. Although most business owners resist relinquishing control, considering a pack out of at least some of your equipment, supplies, and inventory might be a stroke of genius.

SERVPRO offers business customers a professional pack out option that accomplishes the best of two worlds. We carefully inventory, protect, and pack up the contents of your business in consultation with you and your insurance carrier. This permits an unrushed evaluation of the items removed while giving our on-site technicians the freedom to concentrate on removing the water in your business efficiently and setting up the structural drying configuration to industry standards. Our technicians focus on getting the best results from our commercial grade pumps, extractors, air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers, undistracted by the need to shield your inventory.

We pride ourselves on an excellent pack-out experience for our business customers. Our production facility acts as your adjunct warehouse, sheltering and securing your products. Access to items is streamlined, allowing you to satisfy your customers with emergency orders. SERVPRO also has the best production technicians in the restoration business, working on recovery of any packed-out articles damaged before moving.

The professional pack out also allows you to document any claims for your insurance company. We use a barcode and scanning system called the Contents  Claim  Inventory  Service (CCIS) that offers you peace of mind until the items are transported back to your facility. SERVPRO tracks location and condition, providing the evidence you need to feel in control during a very stressful time.

Let SERVPRO of Santa Ana South demonstrate how their premiere pack out service helps when your business copes with water removal and drying after a crisis. Call us at (714) 558-7772 to explore your options during the disruption.

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Help for Water Damaged Visitor Attractions in Santa Ana

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If the Old Courthouse Museum or other museum in Santa Ana suffers from a water damage event, the best recourse is to contact SERVPRO.

Team SERVPRO Arrives on the Scene With BOTH the Certified Technicians and the Equipment to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Attraction

Santa Ana is home to a wide range of museums and historic buildings maintained for the education and delight of visitors and the pride of local residents. When water harms one of these institutions, the entire community loses an essential dimension of what the city represents. Our team of disaster restoration specialists awaits your call for assistance.
Older homes repurposed as museums and learning centers make the visitor's experience unique. Commercial water damage in Santa Ana to these local treasures is not only a loss to the owner but also to the community. Because the public visits these buildings, the reputation of the city as an exciting and desired destination depends on how accessible and inviting the attractions are. The crews we dispatch understand you need a speedy resolution to water damage, preferably completed with as minor a disruption to the operation of the venue as possible.
Resist the temptation to wait until a slow season to complete a full water removal and structural drying process. SERVPRO can devise a plan that respects your need to keep as much of the attraction in operation as possible during restoration. Waiting risks secondary damage, including mold growth and continuing deterioration of the structural components. For example, if carpeting does not receive thorough in-place drying, including the padding and subfloor, the carpet repeatedly saturates again, revisiting the water damage scenario.
We arrive ready to assess and restore, fully stocked with multiple pumps, extractors on our green SERVPRO service vehicles. Our IICRC trained technicians immediately implement the plan designed by our experienced crew chief. A fundamental task is moisture metering and monitoring, combined with infrared scanning that reveals hidden caches of water. As water removal proceeds, the drying goals for various areas of the establishment are established based on the initial moisture levels recorded for the building materials.
Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers move in to reduce the moisture content fast. SERVPRO technicians position the equipment to achieve the most efficacious results, seeking a balance of drier air, movement, and temperature to move liquid water out of materials into the air as vapor. The vapor is then condensed or absorbed for removal. We evaluate the situation with an eye to creating smaller drying chambers constructed with vapor barriers like heavy duty plastic sheeting. Drying proceeds faster, and unaffected or previously dried spaces are available for routine business purposes.
Finding a reliable professional commercial disaster company is crucial to preserving and protecting historic buildings and museums. SERVPRO of Santa Ana South has the expertise and the equipment to make it happen. Call (714) 558-7772 to set up an assessment.

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Water Damage Potentially The Most Destructive Loss To Your Santa Ana Restaurant

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SERVPRO Keeps Eateries Open with Rapid Water Removal in Santa Ana

SERVPRO Provides Many Retail Shops in Santa Ana Fast Water Removal to Mitigate Damages

When businesses in Santa Ana plan for a disaster the focus might be on fire or wind damage, over even a cyber attack. In fact, one of the most destructive events that your company can endure is damage from water incursion. Water damage has many facets and ways that it presents, but we have the trained technicians and specialized equipment to handle any problem that comes your way.

After a small kitchen fire in your Santa Ana restaurant blazed the extent of the water damage shocked you and your staff. Your kitchen team responded quickly to the fire, but the sprinkler system kicked in, flooding the dining area. Then there is the mess from the powdered layer in the kitchen. When we respond, we have a plan for the fire residues but expect us to concentrate first on the water damage.

Water damage abatement is first in line during SERVPRO’s restoration or safety, and the proclivity moisture has for encouraging secondary damage such as mold growth. Slip and fall injuries due to standing water or even puddling, according to the National Safety Council, cost U.S. businesses over $70 billion in medical expenses and workers’ compensation per year. In your restaurant, you also expose customers to the risk and everyone to the possibility of electric shock.

If water damage remains unmediated for 24 to 48 hours mold growth is a significant danger. Adding water to the mold spores always present in an interior gives microbial colonies they needed to multiply. The food, paper products, wood, and cellulose-based wallboard that is everywhere in your space provide nourishing surfaces for mold to grow. If SERVPRO is on the site immediately, we emphasize removing the water and drying out these elements before mold spores get a chance to germinate and spread.

Water also crumbles drywall, soaks insulation, and causes wood floors to warp and buckle. Speedy action by our SERVPRO employees halts the deterioration and can save that gorgeous polished hardwood you chose for the warm and friendly ambiance in your restaurant. We use pumps and extractors always loaded on our service vehicles to evacuate the water fast, often before the building materials are damaged past the point of no return.

We are a full-service disaster restoration firm, so our crew begins the fire damage repair as soon as we have a firm grasp on the water recovery. SERVPRO considers water and fire damage to be our core services, and you can rely on our training and experience to provide high-quality assistance for the full spectrum of tasks you need to be completed to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South inspires confidence in our water damage clients because of our employees’ experience and certifications. Contact us at (714) 558-7772 to start the process of restoration from all damage your business suffers.

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How to keep your business open during a disaster

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Many situations can cause a business owner to seek professional water removal services. A burst pipe, a storm, and faulty appliances are typical examples of things that can cause flooding inside of the building of your business. It can get particularly acute if this water accumulates overnight while you were at home during closed hours. A severe storm hits, the window breaks, and then water is everywhere by the next day when you get to work. It is entirely too much water for you to handle by yourself, but fortuitously, there is a professional help that you can contact close to your establishment.

Stagnant water should be removed from your Santa Ana South kitchen store as soon as possible. The longer it sits, the more the surrounding structures can absorb the water. Excessive moisture and flooded water can lead to complications such as rot, mold, and the warping of building materials. The equipment that you sell could also be in danger, stoves and appliances can rust, any foodstuffs can get waterlogged, and the water can ruin packaging. 
At SERVPRO, we know how important it is to have your establishment open according to its schedule. Every hour the doors are closed is another hour of lost business. When we receive your all, we aim to get to your property as soon as we can so we may get your doors back open the very same day, if it is possible. 
SERVPRO can address the water removal with tools like extractors, wet/dry vacuums, and pumps. Extractors can be truck-mounted if there is an excessive amount of water on your property. All of these devices use suction to remove the water. Using these tools allows our techs to get the rainwater or plumbing failure liquid out of your building as fast as possible so we can address the drying. 
Our SERVPRO techs can use many different tools to address drying out the structure of your business. A few common ones are axial fans, dehumidifiers, and air movers. They are all designed to move fresh air around excessively damp places to create an environment of evaporation and water vapor capture.
If you are in dire need of water removal on your property, do not delay. Phone SERVPRO Santa Ana South at (714)558-7772. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.


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As many as 50% of businesses may never recover following a disaster, according to the latest industry research. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place. Pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South Emergency Ready Profile includes:

  • A no cost assessment of your facility.
  • A concise Profile Document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency.
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
  • Establishes SERVPRO of Santa Ana South as your local Franchise Professional as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

Restoring Your Santa Ana South's Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

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Commercial Water Damage Events Present Unique Challenges

Flooding and water damage events at Santa Ana South's commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Santa Ana South 

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

More Winter

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Happy Ground Hogs Day!!

Don't put away those sweaters just yet !! That famous groundhog saw his shadow and we are getting 6 more weeks of winter!!! With winter comes rain! and with rain comes floods. Here in California we have gotten an abundant amount of rain. SERVPRO of Santa Ana South understands that rain brings a lot of damage to your homes and we are here to provide our around the clock services. We have had many big jobs coming in from the flooded weather. Customer service is the biggest thing we focus on here at SERVPRO of Santa Ana South and we take any job, big or small, during normal business hours or not. We are here to save the day!! Our motto at SERVPRO is “Like it never even happened.” and we truly want to make it "Like it never even happened." for you. 

Giving Back !

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This year SERVPRO as a whole donated $20,000.00 to the Canine Angels Service Team. Our leader Tom got to participate in such a rewarding event! Here is a photo of Tom with two of the canines and the $20,000.00 check. Canine Angels Service Teams fills a unique niche in the service dog world by providing specially trained service dogs, at no cost, to children as young as 5.  In their program, older children that demonstrate they can control the dog may qualify for public access to enhance their life experiences and maximize the benefits of having a dedicated canine companion.  In addition to providing companionship and unconditional love, their carefully selected and professionally trained dogs make a positive lifetime impact on children in becoming more self-sufficient, productive members of society as they reach adulthood.  In helping these children, Canine Angels service team doesn't measure their success by counting how many receive their dogs.  They focus on short, intermediate, and long-term observable outcomes designed to have a positive, life-time impact on the children. SERVPRO feels so honored to be able to donate to such a unique and caring cause.

Fire In Garden Grove California

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A car catching fire caused this home to also ignite! This photo is a before picture of the mess that was left behind after the fire. SERVPRO of Santa Ana was called to clean up the aftermath! The owner of this commercial building was very satisfied with the work SERVPRO of Santa Ana South did! He said they would definitely use and refer SERVPRO of Santa Ana South in the future.  If you are not fire ready, or are not ready for any major disaster we here at SERVPRO Santa Ana South can help!

SERVPRO offers around the clock service from highly trained professionals.

Don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO Santa Ana South with an emergency, questions, or concerns. We are always here to help with any disaster needs.

Contact us at (714)558-7772