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How To Get Rid of Apartment Mold

9/5/2020 (Permalink)

A professional disinfector in overalls processes the walls from mold. Removal of black fungus in the apartment and house. Apartment mold in Santa Ana, CA

Steps To Take When Tenants Tell You They Have A Mold Problem

When you own rental property in Santa Ana, CA, you may occasionally get reports of mold growth in an apartment. If you have a fungus problem, mold cleanup experts can help get rid of the offending patches and get your building back to normal. Here are the first few steps you should take if tenants tell you they have a mold problem.

Get a Professional Test
Before you rush in to start cleaning or arranging for remediation, you want to make sure that mold is actually the problem. A test from a certified environmental hygienist performs several tests:

  • Air test for concentration of mold spores
  • Surface test to determine substance in growth
  • Lab test to discover specific type of mold

Some property owners will try to use a home test they buy at the hardware store to determine if they have a mold problem. These tests will likely indicate that mold is present but they won't give you any of the vital information you need to address it properly.

Find the Source
Mold spores may be everywhere, but they need certain conditions to clump together and grow. The mold cleanup process includes locating the problem that led to the mold growth. It makes sense to fix the catalyst issue before starting mold remediation. Otherwise, the fungus problem is likely to return in a couple of days.

Ask for an Estimate
As a landlord, you are required to provide a habitable living space for your tenants, and quick remediation is the key to doing so. If the mold contamination was caused by a water loss covered by your insurance, your policy will likely cover the cost of mold mitigation, too. Make sure that the cleanup company includes it in the overall estimate for repairs. This can help you when filing your mold claim.
Quick mold cleanup protects both your building and your tenants' personal property. If you suspect you have mold, following these steps is a good way to handle the problem responsibly.

Tips for Maintaining Pipes in Your Rental Home

9/5/2020 (Permalink)

The plumber connects parts of the plastic water pipe using fittings, hands close-up. Part of owning an older rental property can be dealing with delicate plumbing, such as polybutylene pipes

Part of owning an older rental property can be dealing with delicate plumbing, such as polybutylene pipes. If you don't take care of the piping, you may have to deal with some nasty side effects. Fortunately, you can avoid any clogging or other problems through preventative measures.

Use a Plumbing Lease Clause

A plumbing clause will cover the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry drains, garbage disposals, and toilets. It will limit your liability as a landlord to pipe issues caused by tree roots, mechanical failures, and other no-fault problems. Having a plumbing clause is an especially good idea if your pipes have older materials such as polybutylene. Here are some of the things you should mention to your tenets in the clause:

  • Avoid putting grease, stringy vegetables, starches, and hard objects in the garbage disposal
  • Clean the lint filters on the washer and dryer regularly
  • Remove hair from the shower and sink drains regularly
  • Only flush toilet paper down the toilet

Leave Some Tools
Providing a plunger will encourage tenets to take care of minor issues on their own. There are two types of plungers you should leave with your tenet. The first is the dome-shaped sink plunger, which can be used in the bathroom or kitchen. You should also leave a bell-shaped plunger for the toilets. Aside from obvious hygiene concerns, it is important to have these different plungers to make it easier for your tenets to unclog their drains on their own. This can decrease the risk of water damage from a clogged or burst pipe.
Specifying your tenets' responsibilities in a lease clause and providing appropriate tools is a great way to ensure that your tenet performs regular maintenance and can take care of small issues. This will protect your older polybutylene pipes and simplify your job as a landlord in Santa Ana, CA. Remember, if this maintenance is not performed by you or your tenets, you could face serious plumbing issues and need to hire water remediation professionals.

Survive a Disaster With Business Interruption Insurance

9/5/2020 (Permalink)

Financial concept meaning Business Interruption Insurance with sign on the piece of paper. One of the best types of protection comes in the form of business interruption insurance

Types Of Protection

As a business owner in Santa Ana, CA, you're probably already aware that you need insurance for the safety of your property, inventory, equipment, and other elements of your business. Without the right insurance, after all, you could never rebuild after a devastating natural disaster or other huge commercial loss. One of the best types of protection comes in the form of business interruption insurance. Of course, you may already have some of the following types of protection:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Workers' compensation policies
  • Product liability insurance

Each of these types of coverage offers business protection in unique ways. For example, if an employee is injured while working, workers' compensation coverage helps with medical coverage and lost wages.

Get Compensation for Missed Revenue
Business interruption insurance is specific coverage the protects your business when disasters force you to shut your doors temporarily. Even if you only miss a couple of days, you could suffer a large amount of lost income. This type of insurance provides you with compensation for the lost business income you would have earned if the disaster hadn't happened. It's important to understand that there are limitations to this coverage.

Prepare for High-Risk Situations
You may have other policies that help you rebuild any physical damage to your closed business. Interruption insurance compensates you for lost profits during the time that you aren't able to operate. Before you can purchase this coverage, you need to accurately track your net income. Talk this over with your accountant because the amount of your net profit during normal business operations could affect the amount of compensation you qualify for during a major event that closes your doors.
It's also important to consider the most likely scenarios for business closure. If you live in a high-risk flood zone, for example, you need to include interruption coverage for flooding (and should also have a flood policy in place in your general policy.

Keep Up With Financial Obligations
When water, fire, storms, or other disasters shut your doors and force you to move operations elsewhere, you'll need some type of compensation to stay afloat as fire and water damage professionals put your office back together. While you wait during this rebuild process, rely on your business coverage to pay employees and keep up with other financial responsibilities.

The Most Common Surfaces for Mold Growth

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall Mold damage in Santa Ana, CA

Whether you know it or not, mold is all around you. The organism naturally occurs just about everywhere and microscopic spores float around on air currents and eventually settle in the dirt and other surfaces. While mold can grow on just about any surface, the fungus does best on porous materials. This is because surfaces such as paper, cellulose, wood, and fabric are able to better retain moisture, which mold needs to proliferate. Unabated mold growth in a home can result in mold damage. For this reason, the presence of mold colonies in a home should be treated by a local mold remediation franchise in Santa Ana, CA.

Best Ways To Prevent Mold Growth

You can employ a number of effective strategies to control the growth of mold and to deter mold damage. Some of the most effective solutions include the following steps:

  • Install mold-resistant building materials
  • Keep moisture to acceptable levels
  • Monitor the home for mold growth
  • Call in professionals if the situation gets out of hand

If surfaces become too infested with mold, they may need to be replaced. While non-porous surfaces such as tile, glass, and steel can usually be cleaned, porous surfaces such as drywall require more drastic solutions. A mitigation company has a number of tools and equipment that help determine if replacement or restoration is the best option.

Additional Facts To Know
Mold and mildew are not the same organisms. Mildew growth normally occurs on plants so it is not a danger to the surfaces of your home. Mold damage will worsen with time so it is best to treat an incipient problem quickly. This will prevent the spread of the organism and limit the damages to your home. In many situations, mold will not respond well to basic cleaning practices and requires advanced sanitizing techniques with antifungal and antimicrobial agents. Mold spores will always be present in homes through the levels can be kept very low with the right actions.

Preventing Mold After Flooding

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

flood cuts performed in a home, air movers placed in affected area. Concept storm cleanup Storm cleanup in Santa Ana, CA

Take Preventative Measures

Water damage to your property and mold infestation often go hand in hand. If your Santa Ana, CA  home has sustained significant flood damage, restoring your property promptly should be a priority. Moisture has likely entered porous materials in hour house, such as wood or drywall, so mold growth is a virtual certainty unless you take preventative measures.

1. Relocate Valuables
Your sentimental or valuable belongings may be particularly vulnerable to storm damage. Move all art or electronics to a higher, drier place. Rugs and other loose possessions should be moved shortly thereafter in order to prevent the development of harmful molds.

2. Assess the Extent of Flood Damage
The severity of flooding events can vary widely. Sometimes, water seeps into or beneath visible surfaces, creating structural instability and mold-friendly conditions without your knowledge. After a severe storm, you should always perform a thorough examination of your home to avoid missing any hidden signs of water infiltration. If water has completely inundated your home, contact a water restoration professional who can provide special equipment and expertise to your cleanup effort.

3. Ventilation and Dehumidification
The best way to prevent mold growth in your home is to make sure that all spaces that have been exposed to moisture are properly dried and ventilated. Setting up a commercial dehumidifier can effectively accomplish this, however, using a moisture monitor is the only way to be sure that your space is acceptably rid of wetness. Remediation professionals have access to dehumidifying equipment and will be able to determine if your property has already been infested with mold. You may be advised to test your home periodically after a major flooding event.
When you restore your household after a storm, understand that time and effort spent now can save you many headaches in the future. Mold removal can be difficult and expensive, so preventing serious mold growth before it starts is critical.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Fire

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Drill Alarm Words Practice Emergency Exercise 3d Illustration You should regularly conduct fire drills

Three Ways To Prevent A Business Fire

A business fire can be devastating in many ways including physically, financially, and emotionally. As a Santa Ana, CA, business owner, or manager, you’d like to think that fire damage is something you will never have to deal with. Unfortunately, fires are fairly common and it’s best to prepare for them rather than hope they just won’t happen. Here are three ways to prepare your company for a fire.

1. Fire Safety Plan and Drills
One of the best things you can do is make a fire safety plan. Most managers don’t have the time to be fully committed to safety; therefore, it’s wise to designate a fire safety team. This team should be in charge of creating a fire safety plan, understanding rules and regulations, training employees, and regularly conducting fire drills. Employees should know the escape route on each floor of the building. The fire safety team should also have contact with a fire restoration company should the need arise.

2. Fire Extinguisher Storage and Training
Fire preparation should include extensive training on fire extinguishers. Here are a few points to remember:

Fire extinguishers should be current (i.e., less than one-year-old)
Fire extinguishers should be easy to get to and mounted at a reasonable height
Employees should know the location of all fire extinguishers on site
A fire extinguisher should be placed within 75 feet of a hazardous area (e.g., kitchen)
Employees should be trained to properly use a fire extinguisher

3. Hazardous Materials Storage
A business fire can also be prevented by properly storing hazardous materials, flammable liquids, gas cylinders, propane, and combustibles. Material Safety Data sheets should also be available in the building. These sheets provide health and safety statistics for hazardous products. All employees should know where dangerous products are stored and how to keep themselves and others safe while using and disposing of them.
There are several ways to prevent a business fire. You can keep your business safe by establishing a fire safety team and following these tips to keep your employees and building safe from fire damage.

Protecting Your Company Against Fire Loss

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

commercial fire damage Commercial Fire Damage in Santa Ana, CA

As the owner of a small business or commercial property, fire preparation is necessary. Sure, you want to protect the business from damage, but more importantly, you want to protect the people who make your business possible. While every fire restoration company in Santa Ana, CA will have a list of suggestions for making your company safer, consider four primary items.

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Extinguishes
  • Alarms
  • Evacuation plans

Sprinkler Systems

The key to avoiding significant fire damage is to stop the blaze before it gets out of control. While this is not always possible, a sprinkler system can help. However, keep in mind that you have choices when it comes to these systems. For example, if you have a large facility with multiple levels and rooms, you can choose a zoned system, which will only activate in areas with fire, keeping the rest of your building dry. You can also choose chemical methods that do not use water but instead work like fire extinguishers.


A significant part of fire preparation is ensuring you have the right amount of fire extinguishers and that each is still useful. Extinguishers need inspections, just like other vital systems. Also, fire extinguishers have different classifications, so make sure you have the right type.


While extinguishers and sprinklers are useful disaster preparation tools, an alarm system may be the best way to keep people safe. If you do not have an alarm system, then people at one end of the building may not know what is happening elsewhere, delaying evacuation times. Alarms can also be connected directly to emergency services, making response times more efficient.

Evacuation Plans

Evacuation plans are vital to the safety of your workers, customers and other individuals on site. Make sure that exit signs are visible and maps are posted. While fire preparation can sound overwhelming, you don't have to do it alone. Your local fire department or restoration service will likely happily help you out.

We Put The Flames Of Worry Out In Santa Ana After A Fire Damage Disaster

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration: Soot, Smoke and Odor Removal for your Santa Ana home 

Soot and smoke residues are deposited throughout the home during a fire. These odorous particles are made up of carbon alongside any number of synthetic chemicals dependent on the type of material that combusting. Often, firefighting procedures involve the use of water which can set soot into fabrics, furnishings, or mattresses. A professional service is capable of removing this soiling using their expertise to not only restore but also to prevent permanent harm.

Residents that experience fire damage in Santa Ana can rely on us to provide honest, highly trained technicians for cleanup services. SERVPRO methodology involves conducting a thorough pre-test of materials and contents that allows us to tailor our approach to the exact conditions of each property. A pre-test can reveal what type of residues we are dealing with- wet, dry, or protein-based- which in turn allows us to provide an efficient cleaning operation.

A wet smoke usually occurs in situations where a synthetic material burns slowly for a significant period. The characteristics include heavy soiling that is odorous and can wear away finishes on surfaces, paintwork, or wallpaper. SERVPRO uses patented chemical cleaning agents, some of which are corrosive, to ensure that wet smoke is removed and spreading avoided. After eradicating smoke residues, we can begin the processes of refinishing and odor control.

The rule of deodorization is to recreate the method of distribution that causes the odor in the first place. In the case of fire damage, odor particles are spread through the smoke, which travels upwards into clean air pockets before dropping to the floor once temperatures cool. SERVPRO mimic this process using vaporized deodorant solvent. Our thermal fogging equipment fumigates the property, spreading deodorant in much the same way as the odor was deposited. Unlike household air freshener, vapor deodorizers use chemical pairing agents that bond with odors and neutralize them rather than merely masking the smell.

For a tailor-made service that takes into account the type of smoke and odor present in the property, contact SERVPRO of Santa Ana South at (714) 558-7772.

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3 Ways a Professional Can Help Prevent Water Damage

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

Chemical agent used to unclog some pipes. Digital illustration. Regular maintenance can help prevent problems such as a clogged drain

3 Ways a Professional Can Help Prevent Water Damage

After a clogged drain at your Santa Ana, CA, business, you may have caused worry about water damage. Fortunately, with the right steps and some professional help, you may be able to mitigate potential problems. Here are a few ways a restoration service might be able to help prevent water damage to your company property.

1. Mitigation Recommendations

A local water damage restoration service may be able to look over your business space and offer recommendations as to some mitigation steps you could take to prevent water damage. These may include things such as cleaning out drainage, fixing the roof, or looking over the plumbing system for any problem areas. Taking steps before the problem happens may help prevent water damage in the first place.

2. Maintenance Help

Regular maintenance can help prevent problems such as a clogged drain. Here too it’s best to talk to a professional about if and when to use a product such as a drain cleaner, or if a potential issue is something they need to look at. A professional will be able to tell if a small maintenance need is something that could indicate a larger problem and will be able to advise you accordingly.

3. Repair Work

A restoration service like SERVPRO can help make repairs as well. This can include any sewage cleaning that may be necessary, as well as restoring areas that could leak to larger issues if not taken care of. For example parts of the plumbing system need to be fixed after a storm in order to prevent future bad weather. Fixing problems quickly can also help prevent any secondary damages that might otherwise occur.

With the help of a restoration team that clogged drain doesn’t have to lead to water damage. A professional can help make mitigation recommendations so that you know what steps may be best for protecting your business. They can also make repairs to damaged areas which can prevent further damage from occurring. It’s also a good idea to have a professional look over any plumbing needs.

Let SERVPRO Put The Flames Of Worry Out In Santa Ana

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Safety and Cleanup for Your Santa Ana Home

No one in Santa Ana wants to believe that a fire can happen to them, but they can and do unfortunately happen to many families each year. The difference between a fire becoming a tragedy for your family or something you made it through safely depends on how you prepare and plan for an event like this. There is a low percentage of families that have practiced a fire escape plan but knowing some safety steps beforehand can keep your family safe.

Fire damage in your Santa Ana home of any size is a scary event which upheaves your life. Once the flames are out, you also have to deal with whatever fire damage was left behind. A professional remediation company can assist you in doing this. When you reach out to us at SERVPRO for help, you can rest assured you are getting an experienced company who works quickly and efficiently to get your home back to how it was before the fire damage.

The first thing you should do to prepare for a possible fire is to create a plan of escape and go over it with every single family member. Walk through your home, drawing up a plan and identifying two ways out of each room. If you have younger children, calmly explain to them the effects of a house fire and what to look for in case of an emergency. They can help you draw up an escape plan, and make sure all children in the home know how to call 911 and use it correctly.

Even small fires create smoke damage which SERVPRO technicians make sure to thoroughly clean. When it comes to windows, it not only means we need to clean the glass but also the framework and any hardware which is part of the construction of the window. To remove residues from glass without streaking, we use a low-alkaline glass cleaner. A spray bottle is used to apply the product, and then a squeegee is used to remove the smoke residues.

You also should identify all exits and which ones should be taken in case of a fire. All family members need to know where to exit, plus an alternative exit. Think about any obstacles that could be in the way such as furniture or bars on the windows.

A meeting place should also be planned. It is somewhere you and your family members can meet up right after you escape the home. Have a meeting place and an alternative one as well in case the main one is not safe. Some good places include the front sidewalk or a neighbor’s house.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South understands a fire in your home in Santa Ana, or the surrounding areas is an unsettling event. We want to help you return to your normal life as soon as possible after a fire, so do not hesitate to call us at (714) 558-7772 as soon as the flames are extinguished.

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