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What Are Common Types of Water Damage in Santa Ana Properties?

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

sunset and SERVPRO office Need help with water damage restoration in Santa Ana? SERVPRO is the place to go, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Brings Knowledge, Compassion, and Professionalism to Every Santa Ana Water Restoration Service

Non-weather water damage claims are the most common cause for homeowner insurance claims, followed closely by weather-related issues. South Santa Ana property owners should know the early warning signs of different types of water damage and what to do about it.

The cost of water damage in a Santa Ana property can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on a few factors, such as

  • The type of water in the home
  • How much of the structure and contents received the effects
  • The time elapsed between the water damage event and the cleanup efforts

SERVPRO has put together an overview of the various types of incidents that should get professional water remediation for the best outcome.

Common Reasons for Water Damage 

There are numerous possibilities for an incident requiring water mitigation to occur, such as appliance malfunctions, toilet backups, pipe bursts, broken hoses in washing machines and dishwashers, and supply line breaks. External water intrusion can come from foundation cracks or hydrostatic pressure, heavy rains, and leaky roofs. A mere trickle of water from a broken pipe can lead to costly repairs due to structural damages to walls, floors, and ceilings.

Categories of Water Have an Effect on the Outcome

The type of water in the home can determine the water damage restoration services needed. SERVPRO uses the same categorization recommended by the IICRC ( Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). The three main types are as follows: 

  • Category 1 is clean water and poses no threat to humans or pets, and usually is found with supply line breaks and sink overflows.
  • Category 2 water is also designated as gray water. This type of water is likely contaminated with microorganisms. SERVPRO sees this type of water with seepage and discharges from washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Category 3 is also called black water and is the most serious type of water damage The water is unsanitary and has the potential to contain bacteria, pathogens, and other harmful elements. SERVPRO safely mitigates this type of water during restoration services due to sewage backups, stream overflows and standing water over 48 hours old.

SERVPRO Techs Classify Water Damage During the Restoration Service  

Water damage can also be classified according to drying time and physical damage. When assessing the damage and repair options, the class can make a difference. Much like Category 1 water, a Class 1 rating is also the least harmful. Class 2 usually means a large number of repairs may be needed to restore the home. Class 3 usually implies that the structure is saturated and will require extensive extraction, drying, and possibly controlled demolition. Class 4 is the most serious designation and usually means walls, floors, and other elements are greatly affected.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South | SERVPRO of Santa Ana North at (714) 558-7772 brings years of experience and professional equipment to South Santa Ana water damage restoration services.

Santa Ana Properties Fire Damage Solutions by SERVPRO

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

boarded up fire damage apartments SERVPRO can secure fire damaged properties in Santa Ana with board-up services and interior cleanup and restoration of the structure and contents.

SERVPRO Technicians Perform Fire and Smoke Damage Mitigation in Santa Ana Residences

There are different causes of house fires within South Santa Ana properties, and each one needs handling as a unique situation. A grease fire in a kitchen with its high heat and rapid spreading has the potential to do as much damage to a home as a fire started from an overheated outlet or unattended candle that was too close to the curtains.

SERVPRO technicians have extensive training in handling fire damage restoration in Santa Ana properties and know how to test the smoke damage left behind to determine the best cleaning methods. Even a fire contained in a single room in a home may affect the rest of the house with residues and odors.  For this reason, bringing in a professional team to perform the cleanup is a wise idea.

What Can Homeowners Do Before SERVPRO Arrives?

The waiting for the fire cleanup process can be a time to do some small preparations if the all-clear to enter the property has been given by the fire department. Actions homeowners can take include: 

  • Limit movement within the property to avoid the spread of soot
  • Keep hands clean to avoid soiling walls or furnishings
  • Place clean towels or old sheets over rugs, upholstery, and areas where foot traffic occurs
  • If the electricity is off in the home, empty the freezer and fridge
  • Remove houseplants and gently wipe both sides of the leaves

Fire Damage Restoration Services Provided by SERVPRO

The technicians from SERVPRO immediately scope the property on arrival to determine the scale and scope of the fire damage within the home. The techs go through the house methodically to locate and separate items accordingly: 

  • Items and building materials that have heat or soot damage are too severe for restoration through cleaning methods
  • Articles from the house that get taken to outside cleaning stations
  • Pieces that have restoration potential but need cleaning in-facility

Never a One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Fire Restoration

There are many different types of applications SERVPRO technicians rely upon to remove visible signs of fire damage and smoke odors. Upholstery and fabrics can often benefit from the use of foam-based cleaning agents. The IICRC certified FSRT team lift away dry smoke damage using special tools, and wet smoke with its smeary, greasy texture often requires solvent-based solutions to release its grip upon surfaces. Items were taken from inside the home for cleaning in outside cleaning stations typically undergo abrasive or immersion soot removal as needed.

Fire Odor Removal 

The crucial final step during fire damage restoration is removing all traces of smoke odors from home. SERVPRO techs have different applications to neutralize odor-producing soot particulates depending on the level of scent and size of the treatment area.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South | SERVPRO of Santa Ana North at (714) 558-7772 has technicians with years of comprehensive training and experience handling all types and sizes of fire and smoke damage in Santa Ana properties.

Does Your Santa Ana Home Need Mold Remediation?

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

white wall with mold damage and the word "mold" on the side From mold inspection to mold remediation and final walkthrough, Santa Ana property owners rely on SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Mitigates Mold Damage in Santa Ana Properties

Unlike water or fire damage in a South Santa Ana property, mold damage does not happen suddenly in most cases. The infestation usually sets up slowly and silently and then suddenly gets discovered. One of the few ways it happens quickly is when temperatures are high enough to sustain colony growth. The house has highly elevated interior humidity levels, such as after a flooding incident where cleanup did not begin quickly. Moisture is a great conducive agent for mold proliferation.

Safety and saving as much of the structure and contents as possible during mold damage remediation in Santa Ana homes is a commitment SERVPRO brings to every mitigation. The first action of the technicians is to confirm the presence of mold growth and set up containment to halt the potential for any further spread of airborne spores throughout the property.

Common Areas in the Home Mold Damage Occurs

Anywhere there can be moisture or elevated humidity within a property, the potential for mold damage exists. Some of the most common reasons for mold infestations that SERVPRO technicians deal with regularly include:

  • Poor ventilation creates an ideal environment for airborne spore germination, particularly in crawlspaces, attics, and exhaust fan ducts
  • Plumbing issues such as slow leaks
  • Leaks in roofing or around windows and doors

These scenarios can sustain mold growth within a structure, and the problem will continue to grow and spread until it is stopped. SERVPRO technicians remove all traces of the mold colonies and perform proactive applications to inhibit the return.

Signs of Mold Damage Within a Home

There are several tell-tale signs that homeowners cannot dismiss for long that hint at a need for mold remediation. A damp, musty odor that never goes away is how mold frequently gets found when no visible signs are seen. Another is staining appearing on sheetrock. In areas in the home where elevated humidity is common, mold colonies can spread rapidly on anything consumable such as:  

  • Sheetrock
  • Wood
  • Paper products

Locating Mold Within the Home 

SERVPRO technicians use various types of equipment to identify the potential scale of the mold infestation without the need to open walls or lift flooring. They use both probes and infrared cameras regularly to pinpoint areas where high moisture conditions exist, and these areas are likely to harbor mold growth as well.  

Treatment and Abatement Techniques 

The technicians bring down the interior humidity levels to unsustainable levels for continued colony existence and then remove the dried matter from surfaces. The SERVPRO AMRT technicians use hand removal methods, or for stubborn stuck-on residues or large-scale cleanup, they rely on different abatement methods such as soda blasting or ice blasting. All of these methods work to remove stubborn dried mold without marring surfaces. In some cases, we can tear out mold-infested assemblies and building materials, apply antimicrobial products, and build back these affected areas.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South | SERVPRO of Santa Ana North at (714) 558-7772 brings years of experience and professionalism to every South Santa Ana mold remediation service.

Regulating Soot Threats in Santa Ana Warehouses

1/12/2022 (Permalink)

Burnt garage units Regardless of the type of damage in your business, SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is ready to jump into the damage.

Post-fire effects can severely damage or ruin stocked inventory in Santa Ana facilities.

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are plentiful throughout the city and its surrounding areas. When situations like fire damages threaten these structures, it is up to our experienced team of restorers to help. The rapid response of our SERVPRO team ensures that we can help protect contents and wares at risk of severe damage.  

Relocating At-Risk Items

One of the earliest forms of fire damage mitigation for Santa Ana warehouses is to relocate these items to a safe place in the building or load them onto production trucks in our Green Fleet and store them at our SERVPRO headquarters.

Off-Site Recovery Solutions

Between the surface soot damage and other effects like harsh malodors, off-site restoration and cleanup at our SERVPRO facility are often among the best options. The size of our building can accommodate a large collection of relocated items, inventoried and cataloged for quick access by the customer when necessary.  

Cleaning Surfaces in the Building

Even with much of the inventory and wares taken care of, our SERVPRO team must still clean up the structure. Walls, floors, and high ceilings can all be coated with thick smoke residues. We inspect the grounds thoroughly to decide on the most efficient and effective restoration and recovery solutions. The choice in approach to clean smoke residues has much to do with their composition. We can offer:

  • Wet cleaning with solvents
  • Dry cleaning with chem sponges
  • Abrasive cleaning with media blasting machines
  • Man-lifts and scaffolding where needed

Fires encompass some of the most destructive sequences that commercial properties like warehouses are ever likely to experience. Because of how fast combustion can create volatile compounds and carcinogens like soot, cleaning should begin as soon as possible. Our experienced SERVPRO of Santa Ana South team is ready to mitigate fire losses when you call (714) 558-7772.

Water Damage Potentially The Most Destructive Loss To Your Santa Ana Restaurant

1/12/2022 (Permalink)

Fire fighter fighting a fire Dealing with fire and water damage at the same time is hard. Call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South we are prepared for the challenge.

SERVPRO Provides Many Restaurants in Santa Ana Fast Water Removal to Mitigate Damages

When businesses in Santa Ana plan for a disaster the focus might be on fire or wind damage, over even a cyber attack. In fact, one of the most destructive events that your company can endure is damage from water incursion. Water damage has many facets and ways that it presents, but we have the trained technicians and specialized equipment to handle any problem that comes your way.

After a small kitchen fire in your Santa Ana restaurant blazed, the extent of the water damage shocked you and your staff. Your kitchen team responded quickly to the fire, but the sprinkler system kicked in, flooding the dining area. Then there is the mess from the powdered layer in the kitchen. When we respond, we have a plan for the fire residues but expect us to concentrate first on the water damage.

Water damage abatement is first in line during SERVPRO’s restoration or safety, and the proclivity moisture has for encouraging secondary damage such as mold growth. Slip and fall injuries due to standing water or even puddling, according to the National Safety Council, cost U.S. businesses over $70 billion in medical expenses and workers’ compensation per year. In your restaurant, you also expose customers to the risk and everyone to the possibility of electric shock.

If water damage remains unmediated for 24 to 48 hours, mold growth is a significant danger. Adding water to the mold spores always present in an interior gives microbial colonies they needed to multiply. The food, paper products, wood, and cellulose-based wallboard that is everywhere in your space provide nourishing surfaces for mold to grow. If SERVPRO is on the site immediately, we emphasize removing the water and drying out these elements before mold spores get a chance to germinate and spread.

Water also crumbles drywall, soaks insulation, and causes wood floors to warp and buckle. Speedy action by our SERVPRO employees halts the deterioration and can save that gorgeous polished hardwood you chose for the warm and friendly ambiance in your restaurant. We use pumps and extractors always loaded on our service vehicles to evacuate the water fast, often before the building materials are damaged past the point of no return.

We are a full-service disaster restoration firm, so our crew begins the fire damage repair as soon as we have a firm grasp on the water recovery. SERVPRO considers water and fire damage to be our core services, and you can rely on our training and experience to provide high-quality assistance for the full spectrum of tasks you need to be completed to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South inspires confidence in our water damage clients because of our employees’ experience and certifications. Contact us at (714) 558-7772 to start the process of restoration from all damage your business suffers.

When Flood Damage Rolls in, Our SERVPRO Team Rolls Out To Help!

1/12/2022 (Permalink)

Standing water in a neighborhood SERVPRO of Santa Ana South will roll right in with the storm to assist you with flood damage.

How Professionals Handle Flood Damage In Santa Ana

The Santa Ana area often has high winds during the fall and winter. In fact, “Santa Ana” is the name given to these strong windstorms. The constant winds dry out vegetation and increase the risk of wildfires. Then the rainy season begins, and flash floods are possible. When previous fires clear out brush and trees, flooding can be severe. Our company can help.

Flood damage in Santa Ana might include some mudslides and lots of garbage in the water. The water coming into homes can contain a lot of dead plants and tree branches. Animals caught in the flooding can die and add their bodies to the muddy water. Homeowners need to worry about the health risks of the dirty floodwater. The workers we hire know how to keep you safe from contaminated water.

SERVPRO crews carefully plan how to remove the dirty floodwaters. We have pumps and water extractors on our trucks at all times. The crew leader decides how to get the water out of the lower levels of your house. Workers follow the directions. Because the water is full of dirt and bad things like viruses and bacteria, we need to pump or extract it into containers. Then the containers are disposed of by following hazardous waste rules.

We use EPA registered disinfectants to treat the areas of your house that were full of floodwater. The garbage in the water can include raw sewage, food and animals, chemicals, and other things that could be dangerous. SERVPRO sanitizes the flooded spaces after removing the water. We then begin to dry out the property.

SERVPRO uses air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to dry out your property. Drying out the wet spaces is important. If the wetness stays, mold can grow and damage your home. Fast action is needed because mold can begin to grow in 24 to 48 hours.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South has expert workers who can clean up your home after a flash flood. We take calls at (714) 558-7772 all day, every day. Call right away after the flood because more damage happens the longer you wait.

Where Can Homeowners Get Assistance with Water Removal in Santa Ana?

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

split pvc pipe leaking water Luckily, SERVPRO has the devices to spot water leaks inside the walls of your Santa Ana home for a quick cleanup and restoration

They Can Hire SERVPRO to Perform Water Removal in their Santa Ana Homes

Water intrusion incidents are a common disaster that homeowners face. Stagnant water or moisture can lead to structural damage. Saving time is vital to mitigate the risk of secondary damage.

SERVPRO can perform water removal in your Santa Ana residence within a short time to prevent further damage to structures and contents. The water removal process usually involves insurance adjusters, water extraction, controlled demolition, and rebuilding of affected materials. The steps we can take to restore your home include:

  • Determining the scope of water damage and containing the affected areas.
  • Demolition and removal of affected materials.
  • Water removal and drying
  • Rebuilding

Determining the scope to water intrusion and containing affected areas

Water can spread and find its way into many surfaces, floors, walls, and other regions. Often, technicians cannot see it with their naked eyes. Our SERVPRO technicians can use infrared cameras to identify all the affected areas. These cameras display how water traveled throughout a structure and indicate moisture that may never have been discovered. Leaks can be sneaky and difficult to find.

Demolishing and removing affected materials

Depending on the severity of water damage, it may be necessary to demolish some materials like subfloor, drywall, and flooring from the affected area. This helps salvage the substructures and framing to prevent mold and bacterial infection.

Water removal and drying 

Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can extract the standing water using wet/dry vacuums. These devices deal with liquid spills, dust, and dirt. Wet/dry vacuums typically use a two-bucket system, separating the solids from liquids in two different chambers. Most models also have a blower function that rapidly expels air to widen the device’s potential, including pushing/blowing debris into piles ready for disposal. We can dry your property using air moving and dehumidifying equipment.


Our SERVPRO team has specialties in different niches of construction. We can repair any affected building materials to restore the affected areas to your satisfaction and specification.

When you need water removal services, call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South | SERVPRO of Santa Ana North at (714) 558-7772. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Which Firm Can Homeowners Hire to Perform Water Damage Restoration in Santa Ana?

12/11/2021 (Permalink)

peeling paint on ceiling from water leak SERVPRO can detect, remove water and repair the water damage to Santa Ana properties--from ceilings to basements

SERVPRO Is a Leading Water Damage Repair Company in Santa Ana

If you have had water damage in your home, a water damage repair project is necessary. From the moment you notice a water intrusion incident, speed is essential for resolving the issue to prevent secondary damage to the property. When you hire SERVPRO, we can inspect your home to determine the work needed and begin the cleanup process right away.

The work required to perform water damage restoration in affected Santa Ana homes depends on the amount of water that has escaped and the severity of the destruction. Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can use non-penetrating moisture detection devices to evaluate the destruction. These are small handheld tools that identify water damage around surfaces like flooring, trim, and drywall, among others.

Why moisture detection tools are vital

They are useful because they enable our technicians to determine where to concentrate our water removal efforts. At the end of the job, we inspect the area to ensure that all the moisture is gone. Non-penetrating moisture meters have electromagnetic sensors, which determine the location of the moisture that is leading to structural damage. They also tell how much moisture is present. They are effective for measuring moisture on a material’s surface. Our SERVPRO team can repair your home by doing the following:

  • Water extraction
  • Drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Odor removal

Removing any standing water is a vital stage in water damage repair. Our SERVPRO team performs this job using portable pumps. After removing the water, we dry out the affected area using equipment designed to circulate air through a home. When drying the property, our restoration team periodically assesses how the drying process takes place and adjusts the equipment if necessary.

After a water intrusion incident, SERVPRO of Santa Ana South | SERVPRO of Santa Ana North is ready to help you bring things back to normal. Call us any time at (714) 558-7772.

How Can Property Owners Perform Commercial Fire Cleanup in Santa Ana?

12/11/2021 (Permalink)

burned file cabinets SERVPRO can pack-out fire damaged document files for cleaning at our facility saving our Santa Ana client's commercial records

They Should Hire SERVPRO to Handle Commercial Fire Repair in Santa Ana

In commercial facilities, the risk of a fire is high because of loose wires, defective electrics, or faulty equipment that can cause sparks or overheat. The damage a fire causes can be devastating to any business. At SERVPRO, we have a specialized and well-trained team ready to handle the damage. We can help you get back into business since we understand how essential it is to protect your investment.

We can perform proper commercial fire cleanup in your Santa Ana property using our advanced equipment. The extent of fire damage, whether structural or aesthetic, determines the amount of work that our technicians must perform to restore a business space to its normal condition. Safety and the proper procedures are priorities for SERVPRO’s Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRT).

The fire restoration services we offer

To restore your commercial facility, our technicians can conduct the following activities:

  • Removing debris
  • Ventilating the building to draw out soot and dust from the air.
  • Thermal fogging to eliminate odors
  • Full reconstruction

Performing cleaning during fire damage restoration means eliminating smoke residues and deodorizing smoke smells. Our SERVPRO team can loosen soils from affected surfaces using four actions, namely:

  • Mechanical action
  • Lubrication
  • Suspension and dispersion
  • Chemical action

When smoke residues adhere to surfaces, we use mechanical action as the first step in pre-cleaning dry and non-greasy residues from surfaces before applying solvent-based or water-based cleaning products.

To remove airborne particles, gases, and odors from the air, our SERVPRO restorers can use air scrubbers. These devices draw dirty indoor air through a series of filters to capture odors, gases, and particles. They then exhaust clean air back in the property. HEPA filters can capture particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South | SERVPRO of Santa Ana North can help you recover from commercial fire damage. Call us any time at (714) 558-7772. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Contacting SERVPRO is Always a Great Idea for Commercial Water Damage in Santa Ana

11/24/2021 (Permalink)

shelves, cartons flooded in a warehouse When your commercial property in Santa Ana is underwater, call SERVPRO for extraction--we can get you dry

Elaborate Steps Help During Commercial Water Removal from a Santa Ana Warehouse

A smoldering fire in a Santa Ana warehouse triggered the fire suppression sprinklers spreading water all over the premises. Although it helped stop the fire immediately, the action was overkill since the system released too much water. When our SERVPRO team arrived at the site, we realized it would take several steps to remove the water, restoring normalcy.

Pumping out the water

Water removal from the Santa Ana warehouse was more complicated than expected. The large flat surface concealed the amount of water spilled since the standing water did not form deep pools. Our SERVPRO crew had prepared for such an eventuality by bringing several water extraction units to the damaged site. The truck-mounted extractors provided sufficient lift capacity to handle the wet-vacuuming process needed to extract all the surface water from the premises.

Disposing of the water

Although the water that spilled was from a clean supply line, it was exposed to different materials and chemicals within the warehouse. Disposing of such water in the open or through flood drains would have posed some contamination risks. Our SERVPRO technicians are trained on the best ways to dispose of water, including evacuating it to a wastewater treatment facility. At the warehouse, we found a treated sewer line, which served the purpose effectively.

Drying moisture

Removing moisture from materials and the air in a vast space like a warehouse takes the right skills and enough drying resources. We brought a trailered desiccant dehumidifier to handle the drying process. We also set up a DX, Direct Expansion Unit, to pre-cool the air entering the desiccant dehumidifier, improving the efficiency of the drying process further. We also had to monitor the process to ensure we attained optimum moisture levels. Desiccant dehumidifiers can lower humidity levels below standard, leading to damages in materials such as wood, which can crack when too dry.

Water removal takes elaborate steps to achieve the intended goal. Call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South| SERVPRO of Santa Ana North at (714) 558-7772 to help with removal at your property. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.