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Why Bleach Cannot Help You Beat Your Mold Problem

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Bottles of Clorox brand bleach sitting on a shelf in a grocery store. Bleach should be benched when it comes to fungus cleanup

When unwanted mold springs up in your business in Santa Ana, CA, your reaction is probably to reach for your most potent cleaner. While it might be considered one of the most valuable disinfectants in the cleaning game, bleach should be benched when it comes to fungus cleanup.

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that spreads through airborne spores that use a variety of ways to get into buildings including ventilation systems and employee clothing. Once inside, mold looks for these optimal growing conditions:

  • Moisture
  • Warmth
  • Nutrients
  • Oxygen

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), once mold has found what it needs, it can settle in within 24 to 48 hours and start to spread within seven days.

Why Should You Avoid Bleach?

While bleach can clean the hard, plastic liner of the employee break room refrigerator, fungus cleanup goes deeper than the surface. Mold thrives on materials made out of cellulose, such as wood and drywall. When it grows on porous materials like these, it penetrates the surface and can spread without being seen. Spray cleaners only reach the outermost layer of surfaces, leaving spores to grow underneath, and in some cases, the moisture they leave behind can help aid mold growth.

How Do You Clean It?

Starting to clean up mold begins by stopping the moisture problem that helped it to grow. Identify the causes of the moisture in your building and fix those issues, first. Then, dry the area thoroughly using fans and dehumidifiers. Affected materials such as drywall, wood and carpet may have to be replaced because total mold removal is difficult. If an affected surface is larger than 10 square feet, the EPA recommends that you consult a mold remediation specialist.
Fungus cleanup requires a plan that involves assessing and understanding your unique situation and avoids unknowingly aiding in spore spread through improper cleanup.

Why and How To Test for Mold

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up of person hand wearing gloves measuring wetness of a moldy wall Mold testing

Reasons To Consider Mold Testing

Almost all homes have some mold spores in them because mold is a natural part of the environment. However, too much mold can lead to property damage. Proper mold assessment can help you spot mold problems and eliminate them before they become a bigger problem.

Reasons To Test for Mold
Many homeowners have heard conflicting information when it comes to the severity of black mold and other mold issues. There are several reasons you may want to consider testing for mold:

  • You need to identify what type of mold you have
  • Your home has a musty smell
  • You suspect you have mold, but you are not sure where
  • To determine if mold removal has been successful

Mold Testing Methods
The three main ways mold assessment is done is by surface, air and bulk testing. Combining these three methods is often advised because each method has positives and negatives.
Air testing measures the concentration of mold spores in the air. This method is useful when you are not sure where mold is growing; however, the results are not always consistent at different times.
Surface testing uses samples from household surfaces to determine how much mold growth there is in various areas of your home. Surface tests can also change over time and can not measure the amount of mold in the air.
When bulk testing is done, material samples are taken from the home and examined for mold. This test can identify whether you have a mold problem and approximate the concentration of mold spores in the home.

Professional or Home Test Kit
Home testing kits for mold and mildew are often unreliable. A professional mold testing company in Santa Ana, CA, can provide you with an accurate assessment of your mold problem.
The longer mold is left untreated, the more property damage it can cause. If you suspect you have a mold issue in your home, mold assessment can help you begin the process of eliminating it.

Why You Have To Take Mold Seriously

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

mold growth found behind drywall that has been removed Mold remediation services in Santa Ana, CA

If you spot any sort of fungal growth in your home, it is imperative that you call in your local Santa Ana, CA, mold removal professionals without delay. Black mold removal costs an average of $500 to $6000, and it can get much worse than that if you don't take care of it in a timely manner.

Identifying Mold Growth

Some common signs of mold growth include:

  • Musty odor
  • Water damage
  • Green, brown, gray, black, or white staining

It's always a good idea to be on the lookout for these tip-offs, because if you nip it in the bud, mold removal can be a relatively painless process.

Eliminating Mold Growth
Black mold removal is a delicate process that is best left in the hands of professionals. Mold growth does not ever go away on its own, even if you do manage to stop it from growing further. Plus, if even the tiniest bit of mold is left, all surrounding regions of your home are at much higher risk of a future fungus fiasco.

Preventing Mold Growth
Mold requires a warm and moist habitat in order to grow. Mold growth is very common in the wake of flooding, leaky pipes, or other water damage, but it can also take hold under perfectly normal circumstances if the humidity level in your home reaches a certain point. To prevent black mold growth in your home, it's a good idea to install a humidity meter, which you can find at any home goods store. With the humidity meter, you'll be able to rest assured that your house is not a friendly environment to mold, and you'll be alerted early on to any moisture problem.
Mold removal is never fun, but luckily, SERVPRO is Here to Help. Remember not to dilly dally — the longer you let the black mold growth, the more arduous and costly the mold remediation process will be.

How To Get Rid of Apartment Mold

9/5/2020 (Permalink)

A professional disinfector in overalls processes the walls from mold. Removal of black fungus in the apartment and house. Apartment mold in Santa Ana, CA

Steps To Take When Tenants Tell You They Have A Mold Problem

When you own rental property in Santa Ana, CA, you may occasionally get reports of mold growth in an apartment. If you have a fungus problem, mold cleanup experts can help get rid of the offending patches and get your building back to normal. Here are the first few steps you should take if tenants tell you they have a mold problem.

Get a Professional Test
Before you rush in to start cleaning or arranging for remediation, you want to make sure that mold is actually the problem. A test from a certified environmental hygienist performs several tests:

  • Air test for concentration of mold spores
  • Surface test to determine substance in growth
  • Lab test to discover specific type of mold

Some property owners will try to use a home test they buy at the hardware store to determine if they have a mold problem. These tests will likely indicate that mold is present but they won't give you any of the vital information you need to address it properly.

Find the Source
Mold spores may be everywhere, but they need certain conditions to clump together and grow. The mold cleanup process includes locating the problem that led to the mold growth. It makes sense to fix the catalyst issue before starting mold remediation. Otherwise, the fungus problem is likely to return in a couple of days.

Ask for an Estimate
As a landlord, you are required to provide a habitable living space for your tenants, and quick remediation is the key to doing so. If the mold contamination was caused by a water loss covered by your insurance, your policy will likely cover the cost of mold mitigation, too. Make sure that the cleanup company includes it in the overall estimate for repairs. This can help you when filing your mold claim.
Quick mold cleanup protects both your building and your tenants' personal property. If you suspect you have mold, following these steps is a good way to handle the problem responsibly.

The Most Common Surfaces for Mold Growth

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall Mold damage in Santa Ana, CA

Whether you know it or not, mold is all around you. The organism naturally occurs just about everywhere and microscopic spores float around on air currents and eventually settle in the dirt and other surfaces. While mold can grow on just about any surface, the fungus does best on porous materials. This is because surfaces such as paper, cellulose, wood, and fabric are able to better retain moisture, which mold needs to proliferate. Unabated mold growth in a home can result in mold damage. For this reason, the presence of mold colonies in a home should be treated by a local mold remediation franchise in Santa Ana, CA.

Best Ways To Prevent Mold Growth

You can employ a number of effective strategies to control the growth of mold and to deter mold damage. Some of the most effective solutions include the following steps:

  • Install mold-resistant building materials
  • Keep moisture to acceptable levels
  • Monitor the home for mold growth
  • Call in professionals if the situation gets out of hand

If surfaces become too infested with mold, they may need to be replaced. While non-porous surfaces such as tile, glass, and steel can usually be cleaned, porous surfaces such as drywall require more drastic solutions. A mitigation company has a number of tools and equipment that help determine if replacement or restoration is the best option.

Additional Facts To Know
Mold and mildew are not the same organisms. Mildew growth normally occurs on plants so it is not a danger to the surfaces of your home. Mold damage will worsen with time so it is best to treat an incipient problem quickly. This will prevent the spread of the organism and limit the damages to your home. In many situations, mold will not respond well to basic cleaning practices and requires advanced sanitizing techniques with antifungal and antimicrobial agents. Mold spores will always be present in homes through the levels can be kept very low with the right actions.

3 Ways a Professional Can Help Prevent Water Damage

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

Chemical agent used to unclog some pipes. Digital illustration. Regular maintenance can help prevent problems such as a clogged drain

3 Ways a Professional Can Help Prevent Water Damage

After a clogged drain at your Santa Ana, CA, business, you may have caused worry about water damage. Fortunately, with the right steps and some professional help, you may be able to mitigate potential problems. Here are a few ways a restoration service might be able to help prevent water damage to your company property.

1. Mitigation Recommendations

A local water damage restoration service may be able to look over your business space and offer recommendations as to some mitigation steps you could take to prevent water damage. These may include things such as cleaning out drainage, fixing the roof, or looking over the plumbing system for any problem areas. Taking steps before the problem happens may help prevent water damage in the first place.

2. Maintenance Help

Regular maintenance can help prevent problems such as a clogged drain. Here too it’s best to talk to a professional about if and when to use a product such as a drain cleaner, or if a potential issue is something they need to look at. A professional will be able to tell if a small maintenance need is something that could indicate a larger problem and will be able to advise you accordingly.

3. Repair Work

A restoration service like SERVPRO can help make repairs as well. This can include any sewage cleaning that may be necessary, as well as restoring areas that could leak to larger issues if not taken care of. For example parts of the plumbing system need to be fixed after a storm in order to prevent future bad weather. Fixing problems quickly can also help prevent any secondary damages that might otherwise occur.

With the help of a restoration team that clogged drain doesn’t have to lead to water damage. A professional can help make mitigation recommendations so that you know what steps may be best for protecting your business. They can also make repairs to damaged areas which can prevent further damage from occurring. It’s also a good idea to have a professional look over any plumbing needs.

Finding Mold You Cannot See

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

A thermal imaging camera being pointed at a wall in a house Technicians can use an infrared camera to detect moisture behind walls

You are probably familiar with the telltale mold smell. As you walk into your building in Santa Ana, CA, a musty aroma assaults your senses. When you go to the area where the smell seems the strongest, though, you don't see any patches on the walls, ceilings, or baseboards. How do you get rid of a problem you can't find? Mold remediation experts have the technology and training needed to help you out.


One of the main factors that can lead to a fungus smell in your building is excess moisture. There are several ways moisture can build up indoors:

  • Leaks from broken, damaged or loose pipes
  • Flooding
  • High humidity
  • Low airflow
  • Unmitigated water damage

Many of these issues are hard or impossible to see. That makes them difficult to measure without the proper equipment. Technicians can use an infrared camera to detect moisture behind walls or under floors. Identifying the problem areas is the first step of getting rid of that mold smell.

Another factor that can lead to mold growth or a mildew smell is heat. As the temperature in your building rises, the space becomes more inviting to mold spores. This is why specialists often use a camera with a temperature gauge so that they can determine whether or not the heat in your building is contributing to the problem. After taking a reading, they can compare it to other buildings in the area where the humidity levels are similar and then suggest the next steps for remediation.
If you have a mold smell in your building, don't ignore it. You can look for patches of mold, but there may still be a problem even if you can't see one. Experts in mold mitigation can use infrared technology to locate the source of the smell and recommend the next steps that need to be taken to get rid of it.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

3/29/2020 (Permalink)

Document of Homeowners Insurance Policy for background When does homeowners insurance cover mold damage?

Fungus growth in your Santa Ana, CA, home can be an expensive problem to fix. You may thus be wondering if your homeowners' insurance policy can offset some of this cost. The answer: It depends.

Mold Insurance Coverage

In general, your homeowners' policy will cover the cost of mold cleanup if the fungus resulted from a covered peril. Covered perils typically include sudden and accidental incidents that damage your home. Common covered perils include:

  • Frozen burst pipes
  • Accidental discharge of water from appliances or sprinklers
  • Falling objects
  • The weight of snow, ice and sleet

Mold Endorsements

Even if the mold damage didn’t result from a covered peril, you still may get some money from your insurance provider. That’s because some insurers still offer limited coverage for mold claims.
You can also ask for a mold endorsement. This is an addition to your traditional homeowners' policy.
Of course, insurance companies hate risk. Therefore, they do not want to cover homes that have an increased chance of fungus growth. If your house is old or has a history of mold issues, the insurer may charge you more for a mold endorsement.
Just because you have mold coverage, however, doesn’t mean the insurance company will accept your claim. The insurer may not cover your loss unless you took proper steps to limit the buildup of mold in your home.

Mold Prevention

Mold relies on humid air and moisture. To prevent the insurer from denying your claim, you need to lower the humidity levels in your home as much as possible. You also should ventilate frequently wet areas such as the bathroom and laundry room. Finally, any water damage should be cleaned up right away.
Fungus growth is not always covered by a home insurance policy. Even if you do have mold insurance, it may be capped at a certain amount. To find out whether your policy covers mold damage, you should contact your insurance adjuster. You can also speak to your local mold remediation specialists.

We Are Cleaning Experts

3/20/2020 (Permalink)

worker cleaning commercial space SERVPRO is performing all cleanup and bioremediation in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and local authorities.

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

• Kitchen/Food Areas

• Bathrooms

• Schools/Classrooms

• Offices

• Retail Spaces

• Water Fountains

• Shelving/Racks

• Sales Counters

• Carpets and Rugs

• Stair Handrails

• Elevator Cars

• Playground Equipment

• Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus.

Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts at SERVPRO of Santa Ana South (714) 558-7772


Remover el Agua Suena Simple Pero No Lo Es!

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

Pareja usando un cubo para recoger la fuga de agua del techo. En SERVPRO of Santa Ana, estamos disponibles 24/7 para responder a su llamada de emergencia por daños causados por el agua.

La Eliminación y Restauración de Daños Causados Por el Agua en su Hogar de Santa Ana Pueden Evitar Daños Mayores

A pesar de las tasas de interés más bajas, ser propietario de una casa representa una inversión significativa para la mayoría de las personas. Requiere una atención cuidadosa a sus finanzas y una selección aún más cuidadosa de la propiedad que sea adecuada para usted. Puede llevar meses encontrar su nueva casa y dar paso a las alegrías de ser dueño de su hogar. Sin embargo, para mantener su hogar en buen estado, debe estar atento a cualquier percance, incluyendo las filtraciones y fugas de agua.  Es casi garantizado que los propietarios se verán con la necesidad de un equipo professional para los servicios de eliminación de agua, y saber a quién llamar es clave para cuidar su hogar.

SERVPRO es la respuesta a sus necesidades de eliminación de agua cuando vive en Santa Ana. Nuestro equipo de confianza está disponible las 24 horas para responder a su emergencia, lo que nos convierte en un miembro invaluable de su equipo de protección del hogar. Cuando se produce el evento, el origen del agua, así como el tiempo que permanece estancada, juegan un papel esencial en los riesgos asociados con el suceso. Nuestros técnicos se capacitan para comprender el alcance de los daños y tomar las medidas adecuadas basadas en su experiencia en la industria. 

La eliminación de agua no es tan simple como parece, y es por eso que un equipo professional es su mejor recurso. Muchos piensan que la extracción de agua es suficiente para controlar la situación. En realidad, el manejo de los niveles de humedad es la clave de un tratamiento de restauración efectivo. Los técnicos de SERVPRO utilizan herramientas industriales para la medición de los niveles de humedad y para regresarlos a la normalidad.  Después de lograr este paso, se centran en el tratamiento para prevenir la propagación de microbios en su hogar. Para desinfectar, aplicamos desinfectantes aprobados por la EPA y nos enfocamos en tratar cada superficie individualmente de acuerdo con las recomendaciones de cada solución desinfectante. Cuando aplicamos productos desinfectantes, incluimos subsuelos, paredes y cualquier otra superficie en riesgo de convertirse en un lugar propicio para la multiplicación de bacterias. A lo largo de este proceso, garantizamos la seguridad de nuestro equipo y de su familia evitando el contacto humano con los productos y permitiendo un amplio tiempo antes de darle la bienvenida de nuevo a su hogar.

SERVPRO of  Santa Ana South es un aliado para todos los propietarios de la zona. Estamos disponibles llamando al (714) 558-7772 a cualquier hora del día. Con nuestra ayuda, su hogar está protegido mientras nos enfocamos en devolverlo a su estado original. Juntos trabajaremos para que su casa luzca como si nada hubiera sucedido.

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Water Removal Sounds Simple, but it Requires Specialized Services

3/4/2020 (Permalink)

"Need Help?" At SERVPRO of Santa Ana, we are always ready to be deployed at a moment's notice.

Thorough Water Damage Removal and Restoration in Your Santa Ana Home Can Prevent Further Damage

Despite lower interest rates, owning a home represents a significant investment for most people.  It requires careful attention to your finances and an even more careful selection of the property that is just right for you.  It can take months to find your new house and to give way to the joys of homeownership. However, to keep your home in good shape, you need to be vigilant of any accidental mishaps, including leaks.  Almost inevitably, homeowners face the need of a professional team for water removal services, and knowing whom to call is key to taking care of your home.

SERVPRO is the answer to your water removal needs in Santa Ana.  Our reputable team is available around the clock to respond to your emergency, making us an invaluable member of your home protection team.  When water damage occurs, the nature of the leaking water, as well as the time it is left standing both play an essential role in the risks associated with the water event.  Our technicians train in understanding the scope of damage and taking appropriate action based on their expertise.

Water removal is not as simple as it sounds, which is why a professional team is your best resource.  Many think that water extraction is sufficient to get the situation under control. In reality, the management of moisture levels is at the heart of effective restoration treatment.  SERVPRO technicians utilize industry-grade measuring tools to achieve proper levels of humidity. Following this milestone, they focus on treatment that thwarts the spread of microbes throughout your home.  To disinfect, we apply EPA-approved disinfectants and focus on treating each surface individually according to the application guidelines for each disinfecting solution.  When we apply disinfectant products, we include subfloors, walls, and any other surface at risk of becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.  Throughout this process, we ensure the safety of our team as well as your family by avoiding human contact with the products and allowing ample time before welcoming you back into your home.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is an ally to all homeowners in the area. We are available by calling (714) 558-7772 around the clock.  With our help, your home is protected as we focus on leaving it in tip-top shape. Together, the water event is “Like it never even happened.”

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Santa Ana Property Suffering from Fire Damage and Smoky Odors? Don't Hesitate--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration!

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

fire and charred debris in a burned house interior SERVPRO Can Help with We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, to mitigate fire damage and odor removal in Santa Ana Homes

Why Call SERVPRO for Professional Fire Damage Mitigation in Santa Ana?

Nobody thinks that a fire can ravage their Santa Ana property until it happens. When it comes to disasters like fire and subsequent water damage from dousing the flames, working with highly-trained professionals is the only way to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

For help with fire damage in Santa Ana, your local SERVPRO team is the number one answer. You can contact us at any time, 24/7, and we can schedule a team to come to your property as soon as possible to perform a full assessment.

Time is of the Essence
Fires happen in a flash, which means they need a prompt response from first responders to the scene. Once the fire is fully extinguished and fire personnel has given approval, SERVPRO technicians assess the situation so that the insurance process and mitigation can get underway. We take pictures and hold them for you and your insurance adjuster to establish a firm understanding of the task ahead.

Professional Cleanup
Water saturation present after extinguishing the blaze must be addressed with specialized techniques. We remove standing water using pumps and vacuums, and then any materials damaged beyond the point of saving. SERVPRO technicians use thermal imaging equipment to locate any lingering moisture to ensure that before any rebuilding of fire-damaged materials occurs, there is a small chance of microbial growth.

Cleaning after fire damage means taking care of visible remnants of the fire as well as addressing lingering odors by purifying the air. Homeowners are quite often shocked at the amount of residue and odors that even the smallest fire can leave behind. These offending smells cling to drapes, upholstery, and other materials that allow the odors to hang on well after the cleanup process is underway. SERVPRO technicians utilize deodorizing pellets or employ the use of thermal foggers as well as hydroxyl generators, as needed, to work on even the toughest odors.

Do you still need help with professional fire damage mitigation? SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is available to start on your restoration project so that we can make it look “Like it never even happened.” All you have to do is give us a call at (714) 558-7772, and we can be there to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call Our Certified Professionals At The First Signs Of Water Damage In Santa Ana

10/27/2019 (Permalink)

Our Air movers We cut the walls and set up air mover fans when moisture is found in the walls of your home. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Water Damage Restoration In Santa Ana Is Best Conducted By The Professionals

If your home in the Santa Ana area ever suffers from a pipe burst, the problems created can become costly and strenuous. Even during small water damage situations, it is still wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. We are available 24/7, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Seeking help from professionals can help save you time and money in the long run.

During every water damage situation in Santa Ana, our SERVPRO team knows that providing quick service with immediate response is vital when attempting to reduce the chances of secondary issues arising. Prompt moisture removal can help prevent us from having to remove and replace your wet building materials and contents. If moisture gets removed from organic items in your home in less than 48 hours, we can reduce the chances of fungal development. When choosing a restoration contractor, the following things set us apart from the others.

1. Fast 24/7 Service

Our technicians are located in the area so that we can arrive immediately after you notice a moisture-related problem.

2. Professionalism

We try to exhibit quality customer service skills and professionalism from the first time you call us to the completion of the job.

3. Highly Trained Team

Our crews are all trained and approved by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification or IICRC program. We also have a vast amount of experience in dealing with many different moisture-related issues.

4. Standardized Procedures

When conducting restoration efforts, whether they are large or small, our team always uses the same standardized process that has been proven to be effective when working with a variety of scenarios.

5. Advanced Technology

From the first inspection process until the end of the project, our technicians utilize an array of advanced technology to detect moisture levels. We can implement items like infrared cameras to determine the overall extent of the damage and to monitor the effectiveness of our mitigation efforts.

6. Industrially Specialized Equipment

During both the extraction and applied structural drying phases, we implement specialized tools of the trade. For example, different types of extraction tools can be used on different surfaces. We can also utilize different air movers and dehumidifiers depending on your specific situation.

Restoration projects can give you a headache, but having help from the professionals can help reduce the amount of stress created by the disaster. When you call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South at (714) 558-7772, we can help your mitigation project get completed as smoothly as possible.

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Wildfires Season Is Upon Us! Don't Let the Santa Ana Winds Play Havoc with Your Home and Family--SERVPRO Is Ready to Help

10/12/2019 (Permalink)

Vivid scene of blazing wildfire with an electrical tower Wildfires, Santa Ana Winds, and SERVPRO Standing By and Ready for Cleanup and Restoration

Why SERVPRO Crew Members Use PPE when Working on Residences after a Wildfire Around Santa Ana

After a disaster in the Santa Ana area, SERVPRO sends highly skilled and experienced specialists to restore houses and businesses through mitigation, remediation, and other tasks. These jobs often require that our employees don personal protective equipment, or PPE, to protect themselves from inherent hazards.

The dramatically increased risks are why SERVPRO crew members use PPE while working on homes in Santa Ana after a wildfire. These risks can come from broken glass windows that shattered and blew into the house from radiant heat. Many other risks exist, and scientists and researchers are still studying the aftermath of wildfires to determine their extent and how they can affect human health.

Many chemicals exist in the modern home, from the building materials to the contents. Appliances are now highly energy-efficient, but many also contain materials that become highly toxic when exposed to extreme external temperatures. The effects of some compounds used in appliances, furniture, electronics, and other everyday household items remain unclear. We want to protect ourselves from the unknown as we clean debris away from your home, helping you prepare to rebuild, so we wear full-body suits and respiratory gear.
More well-known are tree and plant resins that enter the air when the plant burns. These, as well as saps, waxes, and oils,  can cause health effects, especially respiratory-related ones. Treated lumber, plastics like PVC, and other synthetics do give off many chemical compounds that we are aware of, although we learn new information about these regularly--another reason to wear PPE.
Electrical hazards from downed power lines, exposed wires on functioning appliances, and those that might have their switch in the 'on' position are one reason we wear heavy gloves and special boots. These items also keep us safe as we work removing large pieces of lumber, walls, and roofing material. Heavy gloves also protect our hands from any hot spots.
There are other risks that residents should know about returning after a wildfire. Hot spots can re-ignite, not just burn unsuspecting people. The red powder dropped from planes is relatively non-toxic when on the skin, but can harm pets who drink tainted water., however, not all flame retardants are made the same way, so caution is advised. Smoke can linger for months after a fire of this magnitude, and respiratory equipment is often necessary. Smoke particles can be as small as 2.5 microns in size, allowing them to enter the alveoli in the lungs. Our SERVPRO team often deploys air scrubbers fitted with HEPA and charcoal filters to meet the challenges of persistent smoke and odors.
These are just some of the hazards SERVPRO of Santa Ana South's restoration specialists faces when cleaning up after a wildfire. Keep your family safe. Contact our emergency response team at (714) 558-7772 for our highly trained technicians – they are always ready to start restoring your property after any size disaster.
SERVPRO suggests the following websites for addition information. How Smoke from Fires Can Affect Your Health Stay Safe After a Wildfire How Wood Smoke Harms Your Health

A Leaking Dishwasher Can Leave Your Santa Ana Home in Need of Water Removal Services

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

Faucet water leaking Let us help when it comes to your Santa Ana water leak due to a household appliance.

SERVPRO has your best interest when your Santa Ana home has water damage.

A leaking dishwasher can be especially annoying to deal with, especially when the leak is leaving your Santa Ana home in a constant need of water removal services. The best way to indefinitely deal with this problem is to have the dishwasher fixed by a plumber, or to replace it. However, even when you do finally do make a decision about the broken dishwasher, the latest puddle still sits on your kitchen floor. 

When your home requires local Santa Ana water removal services, it is best not to wait. Leaving a pool of stagnant water on your floor for too long is practically inviting more damage into your home, such as mold damage. When it comes to water damage, always clean it up swiftly to avoid extra complications. 

Here at SERVPRO, we always work around your schedule. Day or night, whenever you need us, our doors are open. Our technicians are highly trained and always come to your aid swiftly, equipped with advanced technology to remediate the damages in your home. At SERVPRO, we always strive to be Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

When our technicians arrive within hours of your initial call, we can walk you through the remediation process. You are always kept in the loop, and our technicians can patiently answer any question you have. Our SERVPRO techs can do an initial investigation and then plan out the remediation accordingly. Once a drying plan is established, our technicians can get to work. 

We can use a few different devices to clean up the excess water, such as a wet/dry vacuum or an extraction wand. Using these devices dramatically decreases the time it takes to remove the water from your home. After the water has been taken away, our technicians can set up some drying equipment around the dishwasher. By using devices like dehumidifiers, heaters, and air blasting tubes, we can ensure that your kitchen is at its proper moisture level. 

If you find your residence needs water removal services, do not wait. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Santa Ana South by calling (714) 558-7772. No matter the time, we can be there for you. 

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Cuándo es el Momento Correcto Para Llamar a Un Profesional Para Remover El Agua?

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A red bucket and hose on saturated wet floor with water damage. No importa cuánta agua haya en su piso, nuestro equipo tiene el equipo para extraerla.

SERVPRO Dice Contáctenos Para La Restauración de Daños por Agua en Su Propiedad de Santa Ana

Los dueños de casa suelen preguntarse si su trabajo de remoción de agua requiere atención professional o si es algo que pueden hacer ellos mismos.  Algunas filtraciones parecen ser menores aun cuando en realidad causan daño significativo. Las dos variables más relevantes al evaluar el alcance del proyecto son la naturaleza del agua que se ha filtrado en su casa y la cantidad de agua filtrada.  Inclusive el pozo más pequeño puede convertirse en un criadero de moho, o puede debilitar la estructura de su casa si se deja desatendido.

Afortunadamente, si usted vive en Santa Ana, sus necesidades de remoción de agua pueden ser atendidas por SERVPRO. Es importante saber que ante esta situación no es suficiente traer equipo y dejarlo funcionar un par de días. Una restauración concienzuda implica la aplicación del marco teórico de la extracción y secado de un ambiente a la vez que la tecnología apoya los esfuerzos.  Utilizando los principios de psicrometría, nuestro equipo monitorea la calidad del aire en su hogar mientras restauramos los niveles óptimos de humedad.

Generalmente, una tubería rota o un desperfecto en un electrodoméstico son las principales razones por las que usted necesita un servicio de remoción de agua.  A diferencia de una inundación, el agua filtrada en estos eventos no contiene contaminantes. Es esta característica la que permite que nuestros técnicos de SERVPRO puedan salvar elementos como alfombras y tapicería a pesar de estar impregnados de agua.  Inclusive cuando sus muebles se abomban o destiñen a consecuencia del agua, nuestros técnicos pueden intentar recuperarlos. En caso de duda, nuestro técnico consulta con usted y juntos determinan los pasos a seguir, teniendo en cuenta los costos asociados con la restauración o el reemplazo.  Este intercambio es esencial para completar un trabajo de alta calidad enfocado en minimizar sus pérdidas lo más posible.

La ayuda professional para remoción de agua siempre es la respuesta correcta.  Independientemente del tamaño de su emergencia, SERVPRO of Santa Ana South está aquí para guiarlo.  Solo llame al (714) 558-7772 y déjenos acompañarlo en la restauración de su hogar. Juntos lograremos dejarlo como que nada hubiera pasado.  

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SERVPRO Says Contact Us for Great Water Damage Restoration for Your Santa Ana Property

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SERVPRO Green Box Truck Parked on street with tree on left side The Green Fleet Answer to Why SERVPRO Is a Premier Water Damage Restoration Company in the Santa Ana Area

When Is the Right Time to Call a Professional Water Removal Service for Your Santa Ana Home?

Homeowners often wonder if water removal jobs require professional attention or if it is something they can do by themselves.  Some water leaks appear minor when, in reality, they cause significant damage.  The two most relevant variables in assessing the scope of the job at hand are the nature of the water invading your home and the amount of water released.  Even the smallest puddle can become a breeding ground for mold, or it can slowly weaken the structure of your home if left unattended.

Thankfully, if you are in Santa Ana, your water removal questions are quickly answered by our SERVPRO team.  As you face the water event in your home, it is essential to know that complete restoration is not only about bringing a couple of machines into your home and letting them operate for a few days.  A trained water restoration technician (WRT) understands the theory behind the extraction and drying process and uses technology to support his efforts.  Using psychrometry principles, our team monitors the air in your home as we go about restoring humidity levels.

For the most part, water removal services follow a leak caused by a broken pipe or by the malfunction of an appliance.  In contrast to floodwaters, the water released by these events does not generally contain harmful bacteria.  Its clean nature allows our SERVPRO crew to salvage elements such as carpet and upholstery even when they are soaked. Likewise, when your furniture swells or bleeds after being exposed to water, our WRT can attempt to restore your property to its original condition.  When in doubt, the technician consults with the homeowner and determines action steps based on a cost comparison of restoration versus replacement.  This interaction is essential in completing a quality job and reducing your losses as much as possible.

Professional advice is always the right answer to your water removal needs.  Regardless of the size of your damaging water event, SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is here to guide you.  Just call our 24-hour line at (714) 558-7772 and let us work with you in restoring your home.  Together we can leave it, "Like it never even happened."

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Why SERVPRO Uses Advanced Equipment to Fight Mold Damage After Water Removal in Santa Ana

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Leaking ceiling showing water damage. Don't let water damage take over your life. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Is Water Removal Best Left to Professionals?

When we watch television, we are empowered to try our hand at home remodeling.  Based on popular shows, careful planning and the right partner are the keys to success in maintaining all aspects of your home, from building to landscaping.  Although some projects are undoubtedly suitable for homeowners to try, there are some instances in which a professional team is essential. Water removal is one of those instances.  Regardless of how small a job may look, an incomplete water removal process can be the beginning of many future complications, which is why professional advice is crucial.

In Santa Ana, homeowners count on SERVPRO for their water removal needs.  Our team trains under industry experts to be up-to-date with the latest techniques and innovation in the field.  It is precisely our theoretical framework, along with extensive on the job experience, that makes us stand out in our field.  When our Green Fleet arrives at your home, you can rest easy knowing that the experts are there to guide you through every step of the process.

One of the dangers of an incomplete water removal job is leaving standing water in your wall cavity or under your floors.  Failure to extract these water deposits can invite mold and bacteria to your home since they flourish in humid environments.  As our SERVPRO crew goes around your home, we utilize infrared technology and hygrometers to detect water collection even when it is not apparent to the naked eye.  Along with our extraction equipment (pumps, wands, dehumidifiers, injectidry, etc.), we comb your property methodically until moisture levels reach normal readings.  

Even though SERVPRO is your best resource for water removal homeowners still have a significant part to play.  Your most important role in protecting your property and your family is to perform routine maintenance throughout your home.  If you suddenly see a spike in water consumption, take all necessary steps to identify and control the leak, followed by a call to SERVPRO to ensure that humidity has not saturated your walls and foundations, posing a danger the integrity of your home.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is ready to help you whether your water removal needs are big or small.  Just call us at (714) 558-7772 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

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Santa Ana Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Profestional Cleanup and Restoration Services

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Serious Restoration and Rebuild Needed for Your Santa Ana Property after Fire, Mold, Water, or Storm Damage? SERVPRO Is There!

Restoration Services Our SERVPRO of Santa Ana South Team Offers

While we can appreciate much of the sunny climates and favorable weather conditions year-round in Santa Ana and its surrounding regions, there are also ever-present risks that homeowners and business management must remain prepared to face. As trying as disasters and emergencies can be for your property, these are also areas of expertise for our experienced SERVPRO professionals. We can address the consequences of devastating water, fire, mold, and storm loss incidents to your home and help you to make these situations “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage
Water damage in Santa Ana homes is among the most common of requests that our team responds to each day. From appliance failures to plumbing breaches, we have spent years working to become a trusted name in the area for a fast turnaround and quality production overcoming the effects and harm of these situations. We are a wise choice for recovery due to our extensive experience, training, and growing deep inventory of mitigation and restoration equipment to improve efficiency for our projects.

We know that many homeowners do not have coverage options for water damage for their properties, and that makes the approaches, equipment, and personnel we choose vital to our customers. Every decision affects the length of the project and its ultimate cost, so we work with property owners to establish budgetary limitations and offer services that are affordable and helpful during a crisis. Our ability to provide a fast and confident response 24 hours a day also helps our customers and has been instrumental in our multi-award-winning presence in Santa Ana.

Our success with water cleanup and recovery efforts for thousands of homes that depend on us throughout the Greater Santa Ana area begins with our training and equipment. We have advanced tools for fast extraction, drying, and cleaning of all affected surfaces and areas of a property, helping us to overcome all obstacles in restoring your property successfully. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we are always there quickly when you need us.  

Fire Damage
Along with our water restoration, fire damage in Santa Ana is a cornerstone of the work that we do. We have the most technicians and recovery specialists accredited in different facets of these niches of the industry than any other. This training and experience help us to be a trusted and respected name for fire emergencies that range from structural fires in your house to overcome the often widespread effects of wildfires that can destroy homes and businesses in our slice of California. Through training and courses offered with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we have technicians accredited as:

•    Fire & Smoke Technicians (FSRT)
•    Odor Control Technicians (OCT)
•    Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technicians (UFT)
•    Carpet Cleaning Technicians (CCT)

Each of these skilled positions is vital in the fire recovery process, that begins with the initial call to our SERVPRO office. From the time that our professionals arrive at your home, we have boots on the ground quickly to perform a thorough inspection and fire damage assessment to begin formulating a successful plan that returns your Santa Ana home to preloss condition. Our restoration services are comprehensive, allowing us to be a one-stop shop for every phase of recovery your property requires. With a well-educated content management division, we can restore marred possessions from your property at our facility as well while cleaning continues in the house.

We have sophisticated equipment to address smoke, soot, odors, and airborne threats present after a fire loss gets extinguished. By running these machines throughout the mitigation and even reconstruction phases of the restoration, our technicians can help to limit the time and money put into recovering your Santa Ana home.

Storm Damage
As a full-service SERVPRO team, we can offer our customers a genuinely comprehensive recovery experience from the initial mitigation of their property through full rebuilds and reconstruction efforts. With torrential storm systems that can pass through all of Orange County off of the Pacific Ocean, having a fast disaster relief response can save our customers money and time on the restoration their storm-damaged Santa Ana home requires.

Our temporary construction solutions and full rebuilding services get overseen by our owner Tom Puorro, who has a General Contractors B License through the state. A confident approach in efforts like tree removal, portable power, board up, tarping, and other emergency services can reduce the severity of flooding conditions inside the Santa Ana property.

Storm damage often precedes widespread flood effects, and with the right response to the situation, our SERVPRO technicians can quickly extract standing water and begin drying and cleaning efforts right away. Storms, wildfires, and other natural disasters can affect your Santa Ana home, but our disaster relief division can help.

Mold Damage
We have always sought to stress the importance of remediation for mold damage in Santa Ana properties versus the fallacies of statements like mold removal. Removing mold entirely from your home or business is impossible, as spores exist naturally in nearly every environment. With moisture conditions that can facilitate colonization in as little as two days, you need to secure our IICRC-Certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT.)

As you might expect, our remediation efforts are not practical without first addressing moisture and dampness concerns in the Santa Ana property. We utilize air movers, desiccant and low grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers, and other specialized equipment to dry out damaged materials and areas of the house thoroughly. We can check the success of our efforts with moisture content readers, ensuring relative humidity is below 45 percent, before moving on to address the mold damage.

If you suspect mold damage in your home because of smells or heightened allergens and irritants, our SERVPRO team offers full and thorough inspections of the property to validate this growth and work quickly to address it completely. With how quickly these scenarios can get out of control in Santa Ana homes, it is wise to get help right away.

We strive to provide our customers with a one-stop approach for restoration services. You can count on us whenever disaster strikes, and we can make the effects “Like it never even happened.” Give our SERVPRO of Santa Ana South team a call today at (714) 558-7772.

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Water Damage Restoration in Santa Ana is Not a Do-it-Yourself Project!

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SERVPRO is here to help restore your home from water damage "Like it never even happened."

Say No to DIY and Say Yes to SERVPRO Water Restoration Services! 

Different factors can cause water damage. Most commonly, there is a plumbing issue that affects your home, or a broken appliance. In some areas of the country, the damage is caused by weather events that exacerbate roof issues or challenge the safety of windows and doors. Regardless of the underlying cause, when a home fills with water homeowners face an essential decision in facilitating repairs and restoration. Many homeowners have learned that a do-it-yourself approach is not always the most effective.

In Santa Ana, we have SERVPRO to help us address any water damage in our homes. When time is of the essence, our team is available around the clock to commence the restoration process. One of the dangers of not enlisting professional help after a water event is increasing the extent of secondary damage. For example, when wood furniture or floors are not restored promptly, you may see warping and buckling occurring as time goes on, along with increasing the chances of mold to flourish in the wet environment.

The tools available to our SERVPRO crew far exceed what the average homeowner may find at their local home improvement store. Our infrared moisture meters allow us to monitor humidity and employ air movers and dehumidifiers to return levels to normal. When homeowners take the do-it-yourself approach, they may focus only on drying the area, which may not be sufficient and leave home vulnerable to further damage such as mold and weakening of the structure. Unattended issues can become more cumbersome and costly in the long run.

When you call SERVPRO, you can also reap the benefits of our expertise in removing odors. Without professional help, homeowners have to rely on store-bought air purifiers which may lack the strength and specificity to neutralize odor molecules. When you reach out to our team, you can rest assured that we have a variety of methods ranging from spray solutions to thermal foggers and we take a tailored approach to their usage.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is your best resource when restoring your home. Reach out to us at (714) 558-7772 and let us leave your water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

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El Daño Causado por el Agua es un Proyecto para Profesionales

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SERVPRO está aquí para ayudar a restaurar su hogar del daño por agua "Como si nunca hubiera sucedido".

Cuando Necesite Ayuda Con el Daño del Agua, SERVPRO Estará Allí Para Ayudarlo

El daño causado por el agua puede ser ocasionado por distintos factores. Comúnmente hay un problema de plomería que afecta su casa, o alguna falla en un electrodoméstico. En algunas partes del país, el clima empeora problemas en los techos o lleva al límite a puertas y ventanas. Independientemente de cuál es la causa, cuando un hogar se llena de agua el propietario debe decidir c?omo solventar la situación. Muchos propietarios han descubierto que este es un trabajo que es mejor delegarlo a los professionales.

En Santa Ana tenemos SERVPRO para solucionar los daños causados por el agua. Cuando el tiempo apremia, nuestro equipo está disponible las 24 horas del día, 7 días de las emana para comenzar el proceso de restauración. Uno de los peligros de no consultar con professionales es la propagación de daño a consecuencia del incidente. Por ejemplo, cuando pisos o muebles de madera no son restaurados rápidamente, el dueño observará deformidades en la madera a la vez que da paso a la proliferación de moho.

Las herramientas disponibles a nuestro equipo de SERVPRO son superiores a las que el propietario promedio puede encontrar en su ferretería local. Nuestros medidores de humedad con tecnología infrarroja nos permiten vigilar los niveles en el aire y utilizar deshumidificadores y ventiladores para regresarlos a sus niveles óptimos. Cuando los dueños tratan de solucionar los problemas ellos mismo, corren el riesgo de dejar residuos que afecten la estructura del hogar y la pureza del aire, lo cual puede resultar más costoso y complicado a la larga.

Cuando llama a SERVPRO usted goza de nuestra experiencia en remover olores indeseados. Sin nuestra ayuda professional usted se limita a los productos disponibles localmente, mientras que nosotros contamos con toda una batería de opciones para neutralizar los olores. Cuando nos llama, usted puede estar seguro que sabemos implementar desde soluciones básicas hasta nebulizaciones más específicas y lo hacemos dependiendo de sus necesidades particulares.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South es su mejor recurso para restaurar su hogar de daños causado por agua. Llamenos al (714) 558-7772 y permítanos dejar su casa como que nada hubiera pasado.

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Did You Know That SERVPRO Uses Advanced Tools and Services in Bow When Remediating Fire Damage?

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Just as soon as the firefighters leave, place a call to SERVPRO for an assessment and remediation services. We are standing by to take your call.

Why SERVPRO Helps Save More Items Through Cleanup after Fire Damage in Santa Ana

If a fire razes your home, you are likely to face many uncertainties like whether you can save the items affected by the blaze and whether the home can be occupied within a reasonable period. Even the small fires involving a faulty electrical appliance or kitchen stove can cause widespread damages all over the property making it uninhabitable. If a professional restorer does the cleanup, it is possible to save many items and make your Santa Ana home livable within a reasonable period.

One of the factors that determine the outcome when restoring fire damage in Santa Ana is the evaluation done. Without proper evaluation, some steps that should be carried out immediately may be delayed worsening the level of damages. The evaluation also helps determine what contents can be saved so that they can be the focal point. Our SERVPRO technicians classify items as salvageable, unsalvageable and questionable. We remove the unsalvageable ones for disposal then focus on cleaning the salvageable ones on site while the questionable ones are cleaned offsite where we can give them more attention.

A good approach when facing widespread damages is to move out items from the property to ease the process of cleanup and rebuilding of areas gutted by the fire. Move outs also protect the contents in the house from secondary damages that might happen during the restoration process. Our SERVPRO technicians use an electronic CCIS, Content Claim Inventory Service, when packing items for the move out. With this, we are able to classify items room by room reducing chances of loss.

Apart from the contents, fire also affects building materials used in fixtures such as cabinets in the affected areas. Such damage can occur through heat action, scorching by flames, and deposit of smoke residues. Restorative cleaning can help save such items instead of tearing them down and throwing them away. Our SERVPRO technicians use advanced cleaning approaches such as soda blasting which strips away the charred surfaces leaving the surface clean. Since the process utilizes sodium bicarbonate, it also deodorizes the affected areas.

To reduce the stresses of restoring your fire-damaged home call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South. You can reach us at (714) 558-7772 any time.

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Say Goodbye To Mold In Santa Ana South

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Mold is unsafe for you and your family, call the experts for removal today.

Conscientious Content Pack Out -- Why SERVPRO Of Santa Ana South Is A Restoration Industry Leader

Whether your challenge is the soot and charring after a fire, the water damage after a flood or plumbing fail, or the discovery of significant mold damage, there is no question that you need the aid of a professional restoration company after these disasters. The devastation caused to structures and building materials is overwhelming, but the possibility of losing personal possessions to ruin is heartbreaking. Our pack out service takes that concern out of contention. 

Moving the contents of your Santa Ana South property out of the mold damaged premises accelerates the process of making it “Like it never even happened.” Packing up the photographs and artwork; books and documents; electronics and media; furnishings, linens, and clothing; and household and personal goods clear your home so structural restoration completes more quickly. The packed out articles receive the specialized restoration attention needed to return them to their previous function, cleaned, dried, and refreshed. 

We use a precise procedure to inventory and track your possessions when moving them to our secure, climate-controlled production facility. Our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) is why SERVPRO promises an accurate listing of your possessions. Our system has the options of digitally photographing, listing, or tagging items with bar-coded stickers, allowing us to monitor in appropriate ways their locations and each step taken toward their restoration. 

The production facility features a broad range of cleaning, drying, and deodorizing equipment, with dedicated technicians training in IICRC restoration strategies. Our experts evaluate the condition of each item, documenting the restoration plan article by article. This attention to detail is why SERVPRO effectively support claims for recovery or replacement with your insurance company. Technicians match damaged items with the equipment and techniques known to restore the particular materials involved.

Other technicians complete restoration of your home’s structure, readying it for the return of the packed-out contents. We use the same CCIS procedures to load and transport the now-recovered items back, carefully checking each piece against the original inventory -- paper or digitally memorialized. Our reliability when packing out, restoring and returning contents explains why SERVPRO is our community’s disaster mitigation industry leader. 

Count on SERVPRO of Santa Ana South when your disaster restoration needs include premium pack out services. Call (714) 558-7772 for an expert assessment of both structural and content recovery requirements.

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SERVPRO Puede Venir Al Rescate Cuando Se Producen Daños del Agua En Su Hogar!!

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Nuestros técnicos de SERVPRO de Santa Ana están disponibles 24 horas al día para ayudarte con daños causados por el agua.

Remoción Rápida de Agua Después de una Inundación de su Hogar en Santa Ana

Cuando su hogar en Santa Ana se ve afectado por una emergencia, usted tiene que tener la certeza de que los professionales adecuados puedan responder a la situación rápidamente para proteger tanto su estructura como sus pertenencias y evitar daños mayores. Nuestro equipo de técnicos ofrece atención las 24 horas del día y respuesta para las distintas circunstancias que amenazan a su hogar. Con las inundaciones, el tiempo de respuesta es corto y crucial y cualquier retraso puede amenazar la construcción y el contenido de su casa si la amenaza no es mitigada apropiadamente.\

Desde el momento en que comienzan los daños por inundación en su hogar en Santa Ana, su primera llamada debe ser al equipo de respuesta rápida de SERVPRO. Las paredes y estructuras se empiezan a saturar tan pronto la construcción se encuentra expuesta a los efectos del agua y mientras más tiempo perdure la situación, más saturada estarán sus paredes y pisos, causando abultamientos y acumulaciones de agua en menos de 24 horas. 

La humedad presente en las áreas afectadas, aun cuando el agua no este corriendo directamente sobre ellas, aumenta la probabilidad de que exista proliferación de moho en toda la propiedad. Nuestro equipo de mitigación de moho de SERVPRO puede responder rápidamente a su llamada inicial y aplicar sus amplios conocimientos obtenidos como parte de la certificación IICRC para proteger a su hogar de la manera más eficiente posible.

Nuestra cuadrilla ambiental incluye un tractor con la capacidad de extraer agua de los lugares afectados a una velocidad de flujo de 300 psi. Esta veloz extracción ayuda a que nuestros técnicos lleguen al paso crucial de secar su residencia. Utilizamos tecnología de punta tal como cámaras termales para identificar puntos específicos donde se haya acumulado el agua y así dirigir nuestro equipo de secado al lugar correcto. La meta es remover la humedad lo mas rápido posible.

Empresa Local Con Recursos Nacionales

Una inundación en su hogar puede ser una experiencia traumática y puede que usted no esté seguro de los pasos a seguir para evitar pérdidas mayores y regresar su casa a su estado original. Nuestro equipo SERVPRO de Santa Ana es una opción muy acertada en el momento de asesorarse por un experto, nuestro amplio entrenamiento, rápido tiempo de respuesta y equipo de avanzada nos hace expertos en la industria. Llámenos en cualquier momento al 714.558.7772.

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SERVPRO Can Come to The Rescue When Water Damage Strikes Your Home!!

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Our technicians can clean and restore the contents in your home with the help of our state-of-the-art equipment.

Saving the Contents of Your Water-Damaged Santa Ana Home

When disaster strikes your Santa Ana home, your priority is preserving the elements of your house that become at risk. While structural concerns play a significant role, the contents of your house are what most homeowners have sentimental attachments with and want to keep from damages. Even though the process may be overwhelming, finding the best professional restoration company that can not only restore your home, but also its contents, is vital. Our experienced technicians can help.

To protect your home from significant damage, you need water removal services that can arrive at your Santa Ana home quickly. Our technicians are available 24/7 to offer complete restoration solutions to both protect your property during the emergency, and through the necessary steps to preserve it moving forward. Water damages can begin immediately when materials become exposed to the spreading water. Having a restoration team that can arrive shortly after the emergency can help to mitigate the loss.

Our SERVPRO franchise understands the timeline for water damages and how quickly materials like flooring and drywall can swell and break down. With advanced equipment designed to remove moisture and dampness quickly from an affected area, our professionals can begin restoring the damaged elements from the time that we arrive. Drying mats can benefit wood and concrete flooring, even pulling moisture from subflooring and padding underneath. Our professionals can use equipment like our weighted extractors to force water out of carpeting and padding to expedite the drying process and save the carpet from needing replacement.

Protecting your belongings falls to our Contents Department. With experienced SERVPRO technicians that assess risk and manage items in your home, we can safely remove damaged and at-risk furniture and possessions from the property to get stored in a nearby facility until our work completes. During this time in our care, these items can get cleaned, deodorized, and restored to await their return to your property.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Finding the right professionals to help you overcome water damages to your property should not be complicated. We offer 24-hour responses with trained technicians who can help you entirely protect what matters most to you. Give our SERVPRO of Santa Ana South a call anytime at (714) 558-7772.

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How SERVPRO Removes Smoke Odors From Your Fire Damaged Santa Ana Home

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Smoke affects every room in your home after a fire. Even the rooms that were not fire damaged.

Fire Damage Experts in Santa Ana Talk About Deodorization Equipment

If a fire ever breaks out inside your Santa Ana home, the heat and the smoke coming from the fire can destroy your contents and building materials. Smoke is made up of partially combusted particles and can add problems to any existing fire damage. Once these partially combusted substances come into contact with cooler surfaces, particles in the form of soot residue can adhere to the material. Smoke can also penetrate deeply into porous materials such as fabrics and cause unpleasant aromas to fill the building. When dealing with any fire damage scenario, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company like SERVPRO so that we can find all of the existing problems.  

Some problems that exist after something burns inside your structure may not be readily noticeable. As a part of any fire damage project in Santa Ana, our SERVPRO estimators check every part of the building for smoke-related problems. We use the industry's most advanced technology to determine what we can save through cleaning and re-finishing and what must be removed and replaced. We have access to industrially advanced equipment that helps us remove soils and soot residues as well as eliminate burnt odors. Should foul odors remain after removing burnt items and completing the cleaning process, we make use of deodorization equipment to neutralize or mask the aromas.  

Our SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and have the experience to find all of the places smoke could have affected. Our highly trained team knows how fire and smoke behave, so they know exactly where to look for potential problems. When smoke damage is severe, our crew knows that they have tools like ultra-low volume foggers and ozone machine that they can use.  

ULV foggers are designed to send chemicals to the atmosphere in the same manner smoke traveled. The chemicals get broken down into small particles and can penetrate as deeply into porous materials as the smoke did. Ozone machines send out O3 molecules into the air that react with malodor particles and neutralize them. If you ever notice smoke damage at your house, call SERVPRO of Santa Ana South at (714) 558-7772 24/7.  

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SERVPRO Es La Compañía En Que Puedes Confiar Con La Restauración De Daños Por Agua.

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

Tenemos las herramientas y la experiencia para cuidar de su hogar.

Remoción Rápida de Agua Después de una Inundación de su Hogar en Santa Ana

Cuando su hogar en Santa Ana se ve afectado por una emergencia, usted tiene que tener la certeza de que los professionales adecuados puedan responder a la situación rápidamente para proteger tanto su estructura como sus pertenencias y evitar daños mayores. Nuestro equipo de técnicos ofrece atención las 24 horas del día y respuesta para las distintas circunstancias que amenazan a su hogar. Con las inundaciones, el tiempo de respuesta es corto y crucial y cualquier retraso puede amenazar la construcción y el contenido de su casa si la amenaza no es mitigada apropiadamente.

Desde el momento en que comienzan los daños por inundación en su hogar en Santa Ana, su primera llamada debe ser al equipo de respuesta rápida de SERVPRO. Las paredes y estructuras se empiezan a saturar tan pronto la construcción se encuentra expuesta a los efectos del agua y mientras más tiempo perdure la situación, más saturada estarán sus paredes y pisos, causando abultamientos y acumulaciones de agua en menos de 24 horas.

La humedad presente en las áreas afectadas, aun cuando el agua no este corriendo directamente sobre ellas, aumenta la probabilidad de que exista proliferación de moho en toda la propiedad. Nuestro equipo de mitigación de moho de SERVPRO puede responder rápidamente a su llamada inicial y aplicar sus amplios conocimientos obtenidos como parte de la certificación IICRC para proteger a su hogar de la manera más eficiente posible.

Nuestra cuadrilla ambiental incluye un tractor con la capacidad de extraer agua de los lugares afectados a una velocidad de flujo de 300 psi. Esta veloz extracción ayuda a que nuestros técnicos lleguen al paso crucial de secar su residencia. Utilizamos tecnología de punta tal como cámaras termales para identificar puntos específicos donde se haya acumulado el agua y así dirigir nuestro equipo de secado al lugar correcto. La meta es remover la humedad lo mas rápido posible.

Empresa Local Con Recursos Nacionales

Una inundación en su hogar puede ser una experiencia traumática y puede que usted no esté seguro de los pasos a seguir para evitar pérdidas mayores y regresar su casa a su estado original. Nuestro equipo SERVPRO de Santa Ana es una opción muy acertada en el momento de asesorarse por un experto, nuestro amplio entrenamiento, rápido tiempo de respuesta y equipo de avanzada nos hace expertos en la industria. Llámenos en cualquier momento al 714.558.7772.

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When You Want Speedy Water Restoration Results, Call SERVPRO

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

We have a response team that can answer your water damage emergency call 24/7/365.

Fast Water Removal After Flooding in Your Santa Ana Home

With emergencies that affect your Santa Ana home, you need an assurance that the right professionals can respond quickly to the situation to protect the structure and your belongings from significant damages. Our team of technicians offers a 24-hour response to all manner of circumstances that threaten your property. With flooding, the timeline is condensed dramatically, posing substantial threats to construction materials and the contents of your house without the appropriate mitigation techniques.

From the moment that flood damages begin within your Santa Ana home, the first call that a homeowner should make is to our SERVPRO rapid response team. The moment that construction materials get exposed to the floodwaters, they begin to saturate. The longer that this situation persists, the worse that this saturation becomes until materials like drywall swell and bloat within 24 hours of direct exposure.

With the moisture present throughout the affected areas of your home, even those without constant contact with the excess floodwaters along the flooring, you run the risks of allowing mold growth on the property. Our SERVPRO mitigation team can respond quickly to your initial call and utilize our extensive training to obtain our IICRC certifications to protect your home as efficiently as possible.

Our truck mounted pumps within our Green Fleet can extract water from flood-damaged properties at a rate of 300 psi. This fast extraction can help our technicians get to the critical drying stage fast. We use advanced technology like thermal imagery cameras to determine the presence of moisture pockets through materials and inaccessible areas to direct our drying equipment to the right locations for the fastest possible moisture removal.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Flooding within your home can be a traumatic experience that leaves a homeowner unclear of how to clean up the mess and return their home to original conditions. Our SERVPRO of Santa Ana South is a wise choice to help you overcome these hurdles because of our extensive training, fast response times, and advanced equipment. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (714) 558-7772.

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WHY SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Santa Ana? We Guarantee Positive Results

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO? For Mold Remediation in Santa Ana Our Green Fleet Arrives Stocked and Ready

How Mold Can Damage and Affect Your Santa Ana Home

Emergencies and disasters do not threaten every Santa Ana house, but when it is your home that gets affected, you want some assurance that the problems and effects can get restored quickly. When it comes to restoring and remediating mold growth in your residence you want that stress-free feeling that all will be okay. Because mold growth poses risks to construction materials used to build your house, the contents of affected areas, and the people that live in the house with you, all desire a safe and secure environment.

Overcoming mold damages to your Santa Ana home requires expertise and the right equipment to handle the widespread effects that occur. From the moment that you discover mold growth in your home, you should give our emergency response team a call so that our SERVPRO technicians can help you limit the spread of the colony and its effects on the at-risk areas and occupants of your property.

One of the points that are critical to remember is that attempting mold removal on your own can not only often be ineffective, but it could be hazardous on its own. With over a dozen common varieties of mold and fungus that can damage your home, there is not a single method of removing them all effectively. In some cases, chemicals and cleaning products can cause problematic reactions when used incorrectly.

A fast response can help limit the spread of the colony and preserve construction materials and the contents of your house. As a colony grows and thrives, it requires organic material as a food source. The stronger and more widespread the organisms become, the weaker and more vulnerable the affected materials become. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you to remove the colonies, and work to preserve the affected materials rather than rely on reconstruction.

While you might believe that mold growth is nothing to concern yourself with, there are substantial risks with allowing a colony to grow and thrive on your property. Trust our SERVPRO of Santa Ana South restoration and remediation specialists to remove the fungi, "Like it never even happened." Contact us anytime at (714) 558-7772.

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What to Expect if SERVPRO Recommends a Pack Out After Your Santa Ana Disaster

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SERVPRO of Santa Ana South Recovers and Cleans More Personal Possession with Our Pack Out Service

The Pack Out Option for Santa Ana Damaged Properties Provides a Comprehensive Solution for Cleanup and Restoration

The nature and severity of the disaster that damaged your Santa Ana home can prompt recommendation of a full or partial pack out of your premises during remediation and restoration. We understand the feelings of loss and upheaval you experience in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Our team conducts pack outs compassionately and professionally, thoroughly accounting for your property during the process so your mind can be at ease.

Clear And Comprehensive Communication
When our company’s management team suggests protecting the contents of your Santa Ana dwelling through a pack out, we want to avoid adding layers of worry and anxiety to an already stressful situation. We communicate clearly to you why we believe a pack out plan is necessary and answer all your questions. Our employees also work closely with your insurance carrier during the procedure, providing written and digital evidence that streamlines payment of your claims for both structural and content restoration or replacement.

SERVPRO keeps you and your insurer aware of the cleaning and restoration progress of the packed out property. We consult with your and your carrier if individual items prove to be beyond 100 percent restorable. Best practices encourage our team of personal property restoration technicians to begin the recovery of wet, smoke-damaged, or otherwise compromised articles as soon as possible. We often return cleaned, deodorized, and restored furnishings and other items to our customers before the major move back event, so replacements need not be purchased or leased, even in temporary housing. Seeing and enjoying the function of your recovered possessions goes a long way toward making the disaster you endured seem “Like it never even happened.”

You already lost your sense of security when the fire raged, the water poured, or hazardous materials invaded your home. Feeling as though you no longer have control over your possessions need not be the next emotion when you understand how we manage information about the condition and location of every item removed. SERVPRO crew members meticulously inventory and record the articles we pack out, giving you the confidence to trust our professionals with your possessions at every step.

Item Availability
SERVPRO’s tracking system permits us to find items you need prior to the move back. Each box is labeled and the contents recorded in your file, and we map out the location of each carton or other receptacle in our warehouse.

SERVPRO of Santa Ana South offers cutting-edge inventory and documentation services for the contents of your house if the circumstances of the fire, water, or other emergency indicate a pack out is the best option. Call us at (714) 558-7772 to schedule an assessment and consultation as soon as possible after the disaster.

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