Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flood Damage in Cypress Home Mitigates with Flood Cuts

This Cypress property’s kitchen bar counter needed flood cuts to salvage drywall after flood damage. SERVPRO technicians also removed baseboards. In the photo, air movers and dehumidifiers are drying the excess moisture in the exposed framing.

Storm Water Contamination Cleanup in Santa Ana

Tainted water that flows from the exterior to inside a Santa Ana home carries possible pathogens, bacteria, pesticides, and a variety of harmful chemicals. SERVPRO techs tear out the water soaked walls and carpeting as the initial step in the cleanup and recovery.

Storm and Flooding in Santa Ana

Flood intrusion can wreak havoc on a private home in Santa Ana. The contaminated stormwater soaks into the wallboard and carpets, both then needing removal. SERVPRO techs can neatly tear out the non-salvageable materials and set up our equipment to dry out the structure.

It's Raining , It's pouring!

This is what water damage looks like on an uncut wall. Due to excessive rain fall this homes garage flooded and seeped into the home.

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Due to high Santa Ana Winds this home in Huntington Beach California had the front window blown out. SERVPRO Not only specializes in fire and water restoration, but we also can do something as simple as a window board up until the window can get repaired. 

Flooded building due to rain storm

This flooded warehouse building is the result of many days of rain in southern California. It doesn't happen often in the sunny state of Cali, but when the rains come, they come down hard! 

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Flood from rains

This is a photo of the famous Anaheim Packing House, due to heavy rains the building flooded. Heavy rains, and dry heat are no joke in California. The weather can change from hot to cold, or vise versa over night! Keep SERVPRO's number handy incase of any emergency.